Saturday, December 16, 2017

House Tour Updates

Hello everyone, happy Saturday to you!

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by and I haven't posted since February.  I even had a goal this year to blog once a month (yes I write down goals for myself every year).  I definitely want to blog more because I think it's a creative outlet for me and something I can do for myself (even if no one ever reads it).

Anyway, hopefully there will be tons of stuff I want to blog about next year (I'm hoping to build a house if the stars align...).  I'm of course most excited about getting to pick out all the finishes and getting to decorate.  

Which brings me to this house tour. I wanted to take these photos for three reasons:

1.  It forced me to clean up the house (I wish it stuck, that was last weekend and it's already a mess again)
2.  If I do end up moving, I'm so emotionally attached to this house I wanted to do a photo tour to have to look back on
3.  I have some new furniture to show off and some projects I've worked on in the last 10 months 


Not a ton of updates here.  I did switch out my bedding during the summer for a fun floral comforter I found at Target for around $30.  The new striped quilt at the foot of the bed is also from Target from Justina Blakeney's line.  

I did make it to Hawaii this year and it was as beautiful as always.  I'm not sure when I'll be able to go back with everything going on so I love having souvenirs around my house to remember me of my trips like these shell leis on my door knob, I try to pick one or two up on each trip.  

I have also swapped out the ornate silver frame around the seascape painting over my dresser.  i'm trying out some reclaimed wood frames for more of a driftwood look.  

Closet room

The biggest update to the closet room is a gallery wall I added by the shoe closet.  I printed the photos myself from my travels and chose frames from World Market and HomeGoods with a beachy/coastal feel.  I really love how it turned out.  It makes me happy when I'm getting ready in the morning.  Definitely adds more aloha spirit to my house.  

I decided to rework my earring holder.  We removed the bird that used to sit on the top and cut the filigree work at the top.  Then I sprayed it bright blue.  I might end up creating a new DIY holder for my earrings but I do like how this one spins and holds a ton of earrings.  

Bathroom and Hall area 

I tried to switch to beach blankets (striped turkish towels) but they just weren't absorbent enough for me...and my hair holds a lot of water.  I do love how they look so I'd probably use them in a guest bathroom for decoration.  

I still really love the faucet I chose for my vanity renovation.  I think I'm going to keep an eye on it to see if the price goes down so maybe I can add them to my future house too.  

(sorry for the crappy photos, it's really hard to get good lighting in this bathroom!)


You're not seeing things - I've had a major Golden Girls moment in my office. 

I found this cool resin wicker / egg / dome /whatever-you-want-to-call-it chair on Improvements catalog.  It even swivels!

If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm into big, crazy chairs.  Now I finally have one of my own :) I didn't love the seat cushion that came with it (it would flatten completely when you sat on it)  So, I found this outdoor round cushion (which is not easy finding one this big, trust me) from Target.  Now I can use it outside in my new space if I want.  The pillows are from my trips to Hawaii (Sugarcane on Oahu and SoHa Living, all islands)

I'm working on creating a shell shadowbox project, maybe I'll be able to finish it up this weekend.  The shadowbox was purchased from HobbyLobby.

I also painted my old desk blue and updated the knobs.  I'm thinking about selling this one eventually but for now it's a good spot for working on my laptop.


My Mom and I took a road trip to Terrain up in PA.  I thought she'd really love all of the plants and supplies.  
It was really fun and I found some great finds between Terrain, Anthropologie (right across the street, so convenient :) ) and HomeGoods of course (which is in the same shopping center).  I'm using two of the mint planters from Terrain to hold my kitchen utensils :)

Of course this isn't the only shopping I did this year, just the only shot I took of some of my finds, I'll definitely have to do better next year!

Living Room

In the living room I replaced the rug with a new blue watercolor version from Ikea.  I can't even tell you what I went through trying to push one of their crazy carts through the store with this rug hanging out of it (and trying to get it into my Mom's car which is pretty much as small as mine).  Where there's a will...there's a way...and I absolutely love the rug

I also recently bought the two end tables from Target.  They're mango wood and I love how they look.  But they're definitely not quality pieces and I was also really disappointed with the way Target shipped them.  (So that's why you might see the tags still on them). I think I'm going to keep them though, the ones I saw in the store were in even worse shape.  I like how they have a beachy vibe and you see a lot of mango wood and other kinds of exotic wood in Hawaii.  They also coordinate with my coffee table from World Market (that's much heavier and better quality) but they don't match exactly which is what I was going for.  

Also, should mention - I got a new sofa this year!  It's a custom order from Pottery Barn, it's the Cameron square arm with storage.  You can remove the cushions and there's a storage section underneath for blankets.  I do like it but I was hoping it would hold up a little better than it has.  The fabric is pilling between the cushions and the covers seem to be getting warped where they're not staying on the cushion straight which is pretty annoying.  We'll see, hopefully it lasts a long time.  

The ocean pillow cover is from West Elm, and the faux fiddle is from Target.  

The console table is from Target (I have the same one in my bedroom), baskets are from HomeGoods. 

Dining Room

This biggest update in the Dining Room is the new buffet and bar area.  The bar is currently in my basement, I hope to sell it soon - maybe during a yard sale when it's warmer out.  

The buffet I'm obsessed with.  It's from Pottery Barn and it's in the Seadrift finish which I love.  It's super heavy (I thought my Dad and I weren't going to make it moving it from the truck inside the house).  The organization inside is amazing.  Now I just have to figure out how to get it moved into the new space without getting messed up because it might be my favorite piece of furniture I own now.  

Blue glass lamps are from HomeGoods, jars filled with shells on top of armoire are also from HomeGoods and the white framed print is a photo I took on my last Hawaiian trip, printed and framed by MPIX.

The bench is from Wayfair, I've had it pinned on Pinterest for probably a year or two now at least.  The seascape painting is one of my favorites and I love that I can see it now from the couch while I'm watching TV.  The reclaimed wood frame I added really added a fun coastal look to it.  

The knobs came with the buffet but were a much darker finish. I rubbed on some silver leaf oil paint and then sanded it off so they'd look worn.  

This styling with my etched pineapple glasses from Williams Sonoma, pineapple shot glasses brought back from Hawaii and silver souvenir bottle openers also brought back from my trip - makes me happy, it's so bright and cheerful. 


 I also want to sell this chifferobe/armoire.  It's solid wood (it weighs a ton).  It's painted black with brushed nickel knobs and the interior is painted bright blue.  

I might also sell this antique wood and glass china cabinet.  It's a smaller size which is nice for a small space but still holds a lot - would be nice in a closet or vanity room too holding accessories.  


Considering we had our second snowfall last night I'll just add a few photos of the beautiful hydrangeas that bloomed in my yard this Spring and Summer.  I definitely want to add some hydrangeas to my new yard too.  For now I'll just keep compiling inspiration and dreaming about my new space.

Next, I'll need to do a tour of my kitchen, no new updates in there yet. 

Stay tuned for my Holiday House Tour, up next!


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