Monday, February 20, 2017

Bathroom Re-Design

So, I'm super excited to share this blog post.  Last weekend my father and I worked for hours (mainly him, I was just his assistant and helped carry things) installing my new bathroom vanity.

To say I love it is an understatement.  I've been obsessing over this vanity literally for at least 6 months now.   It's from Home Depot - I know I haven't always been their biggest fan due to an issue I had many years ago - but anyway, I'm trying to move on and all.  It's called the Foremost Naples 31 in Vanity in Distressed Grey with Marble Vanity Top.

I would love to rip out all the faux-stone beige tile that covers my bathroom floor to ceiling and redo the whole shower area, replace the toilet, and the beige tile on the floor...but the budget just didn't allow.  Plus I'm quite sure the tile is holding the house together...just saying.  So you may not think the beige works with the gray of the vanity cabinet or the carrara marble top...but well I'm making it work for me :)  I love the marble, blue accents and the distressed gray wood.  I really wanted a vanity with drawers too.  

I should mention the hardware that came with this vanity was oil rubbed bronze and birdcage-style.  I had the chrome knobs in my stash and I ran out to Lowes on day two of the installation (I'm lucky my Dad is still talking to me) and found this great chrome pull to match.  

The faucet I'm obsessed with.  I looked at it for months before finally purchasing it.  Once you see the price tag you'll see why (and since I bought it on Amazon the price fluctuates).  I actually purchased it a few months before the vanity and I've just been keeping it safe until we were able to install it. Now I'm obsessing over cleaning watermarks from the chrome...  

As you can see there's really no natural light in this bathroom so most of the photos are really long exposures on my tripod with a shutter release.  Some of the close ups I had to take with the light'll see the difference in the quality but hopefully it's not too bad :)

If you're interested - this is a 'before' photo of the bathroom:

You may notice two different soap dispensers.  I really wanted a polished chrome one to match the knobs and faucet - but the one I wanted from Restoration Hardware with shipping was around $68, once I came to my senses I headed to HomeGoods.  I found the first one I liked but the finish was more satin nickel so it bugged me.  I went to HomeGoods again (it is one of my favorite stores) and found this more polished option (and it was on clearance)!

While at HomeGoods I also found this carved/inlay box from their global collection.  I always bee-line it for this stuff when it comes out.  I really love the blue inlaid boxes and trays.  I don't love it on top of the tank but I'm hoping it grows on me because I love how it picks up the blue in the print above.

Speaking of...This print I'm just crazy about.  If you follow me on Instagram you'll recognize it from the photos I took while on Oahu last year from my hotel room.  I could sit out there all day and watch the surfers and boats go by.  I got it custom framed at Michaels.  

This print was also taken of the sunset over Waikiki beach - the frame was already hanging here so I just swapped out the print.  I like how abstract and peaceful it is.


Sorry a ton of stuff is from HomeGoods - I know that can be frustrating when you read a blog post because it can be impossible to find the same stuff at your local HomeGoods

Vanity / Top / Sink - Home Depot (link above)
Rug - Target
Shower curtain - HomeGoods
Towels on hooks - Bed Bath & Beyond & Target
Blue bottles - Vintage - search Etsy or eBay for 'Blue belgium bottles or jars'
Turkish towel on sink - Target (last season)
Soap dispensers - both HomeGoods
Basket for TP - HomeGoods
Box on tank - HomeGoods
Custom framing (white frame) - Michaels
Gray frame on opposite wall - Target
Beads - search for 'ghana glass beads'
Carved wooden mirror - HomeGoods
Vanity hardware - Lowes (and still available)

Hope you enjoyed this 're-design' as much as I have, have a wonderful week and hopefully everyone is experiencing 'spring-like' weather :)

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