Monday, February 20, 2017

Barnwood Beach Frame

Last post for this lovely long weekend :)

I wanted to frame another print from my last trip so I waded through all the images (I usually take about 1200 just on my DSLR, this time I think I took even more) and chose this beach shot.  I loved waking up in the mornings, going out on my lanai and seeing all of the different umbrellas opening up for each hotel.  

I thought about having it custom framed like my other print from my last blog post (Bathroom Re-design) but it's just so expensive and I wanted to look for something more like old boardwalk boards.  (If you're from the east coast like me, this totally makes sense to you :) )

I thought I chose a pretty standard print size (16x20) but I wanted to have a nice bright white mat (I never stray from white me boring if you want!) which means a larger frame.   I ended up ordering from a company called Rustic Decor.  They create frames from actual barn wood which is cool - although be warned - splintery.  

I don't like plexi so I took the frame to Joanns and had glass cut and a white mat and had them put it all together.  Unfortunately, it took about three tries to get it all closed up without any dust or splinters under the glass - but I'll focus on how great it looks now :)

I have it leaning on top of my art cabinet with a large shell I found at HomeGoods and a little vintage terrarium filled with more shells.

I might add some dry brushed paint at some point to make it look even more weathered and old but for now I'll just day dream about my next trip to the islands :)


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