Sunday, July 31, 2016

Eleven Things Volume 22

1.  Sorry to binge-blog but it seems like when I'm on a roll I should stick with it :)  I think this is the last one for tonight - and it will be a long one and all kinds of random! I also have a project that I'm finishing up this week (hopefully) and can't wait to photo/blog about it. 

Here's a sneak peak (I'll give all the details on the print in the post when everything's finished):

2.  I tried a new stripper product on a shelf I painted a few different times.  It worked pretty well except for the layer that I spray painted (apparently, that's pretty much never coming off).  Here's a link to the product if you're interested - what I liked about it is it's supposed to be more environmentally friendly (low fumes):  Stripper

Here's how the shelf turned out - after I stripped it I used a gray stain and then a small amount of blue paint to give it an old driftwood/beachy look:

3.  It's 9 PM and there are people next door (at a house that's been flipped) loading up their truck with scrap wood and I supposed to call somebody or mind my business?  

4.  I had an epic yard sale in June while I was house sitting and got rid of a ton of stuff and I still feel like my place is I the only one?

5.  My parents brought me back the cutest little whale bottle opener (under Moby that I found on the Eastern shore)

Pretty obsessed with these etched pinapple glasses.  These are from Williams Sonoma if you're interested.

6.  I've been working out every day since July 11th (cardio at least 30 mins-1 hr).  I'm trying to fit into a dress of all things (so not a dress person).  I keep waiting to fall in LOVE with working know like those women you see in the grocery store bouncing along in their Athleta?  Yeah, I'm not there.  #thestruggleisreal

7.  I moved some things around (shocking I know) and my vintage lamps made their way to the dining room and the canvas I made of a ceiling in paris made it's way to my closet room:

8.  If you know me at all you know I'm obsessed with shells - I decided to put the majority of my collection together in all of the blue glass vase/jars I've been collecting - they're now on top of my armoire and I love how they look together.  Adds just a bit more coastal flair to my dining room

Had to throw in a random shot of my faux fiddle leaf fig and my blue glass this little corner :)

9.  I made a few updates to my bathroom.  Changing out the mirror and some of the stuff on the shelf above the toilet.  I'm really hoping to replace the vanity in there - I have my eye on one and a new faucet but it's pretty pricey.  Have to see when I can swing it (since I'm hoping to take another trip before the end of the year)

10.  I also moved some things around on my favorite shelves in my office - am I the only one who is constantly rearranging things? I might have issues...but oh well it's my house :)

Funny story about this whale that I added to my shelves in my kitchen (I also swapped out the little blue table in there, the other one I sold at the yard sale) - I was carrying it around by the fluke (tail) in HomeGoods because of course I had to have it (I need shopaholics anonymous or something) and this woman jumps back and said OMG I thought you were carrying a squirrel!! Um...what?

11.  I've decided to sell two trophies - if you're interested they're up in the Etsy shop (which I am eventually closing but it's open for now) - if you had your eye on anything let me know and I'll check to see if it's still available.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Outdoor Updates

So, if you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen a ton of photos of my deck and hydrangeas. But I wanted to show off all our hard work this Spring (you know before the 100+ weather we've been having that's made everything shrivel up).

My Dad came over and helped me power wash my deck (I've been begging him for years because it's been pretty green and that just doesn't make for great photos ;)

It was a lot of work but I think it looks pretty great - I love the gray wood (I'm even using it for my blog background now!).

Here's a photo of the hydrangeas in bloom - I love that they're blue too (sometimes you end up with pink).  I've also got multiple blooms on the big hydrangeas in my front yard.  Which is pretty exciting because they haven't produced any blooms really for the past two years (since someone told me to prune them...which I won't do again)

These flowers are from a plant we transplanted last year - and what's crazy is they weren't striped like this when they bloomed last year.  I love them!

I also had to pay to repoint my front steps...It was about the cost of 1 1/2 nights in a hotel in Hawaii so I wasn't too excited about that, but those are the 'joys of home ownership'  (don't you hate when people say that to you?  I always give side eye at that comment...)

I guess they look better...I feel like they're in the 'ugly' stage right know when you're working on a project and you hate it but you try to keep working on it then end up loving it...yeah so I hope they look better soon...

Have a great weekend!

Mother's Day Brunch

Yes, I'm a few months behind (since Mother's day is of course in May).

I always feel bad because I tend to travel on my birthday - which is also in May and sometimes I miss Mother's Day.  I decided to invite my parents over this year and I wanted to share how I set the table and what I made.

The menu:
Homemade buttermilk biscuits
Roasted potatoes
Egg muffins 
Fruit salad
Passion fruit ice tea with strawberry ice cubes

The photos are a little off lighting wise because I was pretty sure my parents didn't want to wait while I got out the tripod, opened all the shades, etc

The napkins are shibori (you can check out my posts here and here.  

I think I was most excited that my parents let me cook for them more than once this year (they usually only let me cook Christmas Eve).  

Have you had any fancy brunches lately?  

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday Shibori Success

So, I'm trying out a new design for the blog - a more coastal feel.  The background is actually the crazy gray wood on my deck.  Most people would stain it or completely replace it but I really like gray wood so I'm working with it :)

Anyway, I'll probably tweak it here and there but I felt like it was time for a new look.  I also felt it was time to get back to blogging.  I've been away forever ever...the last real post was in February! 

First up - I tried Shibori again.  If you're new to Shibori you can check out my previous post here:  Shibori DIY  I went through all the steps - here I'll just give an overview.

I use this kit and it's pretty easy (and cheap!) - you just follow the directions on the package, so for supplies, you'll need:

Dye kit
- 5 gallon bucket (with a lid if you're planning on keeping your dye for a few days)
-Lots of rubber bands...more than come in the kit
-Stuff you want to dye - For me cotton works best - and it shouldn't feel shiny at all or the dye doesn't tend to stick
-Something to stir with (a yard stick would work, but I like yard sticks so I used a long piece of pvc pipe)
-Scraps of wood - you can wrap fabric around them to act like a resist to the dye
-A place to hang your dyed fabric (or a box to keep them in while you're dyeing)
-Drop cloth - I used cloth vs plastic...I'd rather have the dye sink into the fabric vs drip all over the plastic
-Work outside - it smells pretty bad!

Now, a tip I learned (after the second time) - wrap up all your pieces with rubber bands before you want to start, that way you're ready to go.  Also, I dyed mine stuff at least twice, letting them sit for about 10 minutes between each dye.  Next time, I wouldn't wrap mine quite so tight - I didn't get as much dye as I would have liked on the inside of the fabric (the dye couldn't get to it)

Here are the photos :)

I'm kind of obsessed with Shibori...I might have to do it again (especially since I bought a white cotton Turkish beach towel to dye and forgot about it in my linen cabinet....grrr)

Hope you're having a great weekend!