Sunday, February 28, 2016

Coastal Vanity Room Makeover

Happy Sunday (and almost Spring...and almost March)!

It's been forever and ever since I posted anything but I'm really really excited to share my latest project.  I call this 'room' my 'vanity room.'  It's a walk in closet (if you can call it that) off my master bedroom.  Since I have a 'closet room' I decided to make this room a place to get ready in the morning.  I'm really into the coastal/beach style lately so I decided to run with that theme.

If you follow me on Instagram you already had a sneak peek of my framing project:

I found the map online at a really great price, so of course the framing was astronomical.  I've really decided this year to invest in what I love though (and not go the cheap route like trying to force a non-standard size print into a standard frame).  I realized that when I take the time and spend money on good quality products I'm less likely to tire of them (or want to sell them).  

How awesome is the distressed/barn wood frame??  It just felt so coastal to me, I loved it as soon as I picked it off the velcro wall :)

Here's a few before shots of what the vanity room looked like:

Pretty, but just a bit too glam for me right now...

So, I started by clearing everything out - including the big honking closet shelf that had been installed when I bought the house.  I actually called my Dad and asked if he thought it was okay if I removed it...then I remembered...wait I pay the mortgage, I can change whatever I want :)

The shelf was a bit of a challenge (too bad you can't see it in the photos above - I probably angled the shot on purpose because I never really loved that shelf to begin with)  It was screwed and nailed in and then caulked over.  But I persevered!  (and patched some giant holes from the process)

My blank canvas:

I started by painting the walls Clear Blue Sky by Valspar.  It's a bit brighter than what I was expecting from the paint chip but it's growing on me and you know I love blue!  

From there I added a new table (resources below) and chair that had more of a coastal vibe.  I might end up staining the table in the Spring but when I put it together it was only about 11 degrees outside so I'm going with the raw finish for now.  

I searched high and low for a new lamp that was short enough with the roof/ceiling height but still had the look I was going for.  I was in Target for a normal shopping trip and spotted this lovely fillable lamp.  Perfect for me because I could fill it with whatever I want and change it whenever the mood strikes.  For now, it's lovely sea glass.  

Here's the finished product, I really really love how it turned out!

I found these really cool clear acrylic organizers - a bit pricey but they seem to be great quality and I love how they keep everything organized and in it's place.

I couldn't figure out what I wanted to put on the back wall where the old mirror was.  I was going through my 'beach bin' (a rubbermaid bin where I've been storing stuff I've picked up for our future beach house) - where I sourced a lot of the accessories for this makeover.  I found this faux Hawaiian lei I picked up from a souvenir cart on Oahu.  I hung it up and it just worked perfectly.  The blues match so well and it adds a bit of Hawaiian flare which also makes me happy.  

Finally, we hung the framed map today and I just love how it looks now that everything is in place.  The aqua color of the map really coordinates well with the other shades of blue in the room.


Paint - Valspar (Lowes) Reserve HydroChroma in Satin - Clear Blue Sky
Map - AllPosters
Framing - custom framed - Michaels
Table - Amazon (it's actually $20 cheaper than when I bought it :( don't you hate that?)
Drawer organizers - Amazon
Chair - Target
Lamp - Target
Seaglass- Terrain
Blue inlay tray - Homegoods
Runner - old scarf from Target
Blue apothecary bottles - Vintage, search 'Belgium' or 'Apothecary jars' on eBay or Etsy for similar
Frames - all Homegoods, blue frames I painted
Marble cloche - SurLaTable
Hawaiian prints - postcards from Hawaii
Knobs - Etsy
Blue pillow on chair - Paris, France boutique
Faux Lei - Oahu, Hawaii

Hope you enjoyed my new space as much as I have, hopefully I'll have more DIY projects coming soon!

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