Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday House Tour 2016

I can't believe it's almost Christmas, where did this year go??  

Right now I'm going through a crazy transition at work and everything is pretty up in the air for me right now.  I'm really hoping 2017 brings stability, less stress, a ton more happy moments and maybe a trip or two :)

Speaking of trips, I did make it back to the glorious Hawaiian islands in November.  It was pretty amazing as always but just went by so quickly!  I did find some cool stuff to bring back as souvenirs, some cute ornaments for the tree and had some amazing meals (if you follow me on Instagram you were probably sick of seeing all the amazing sunshine while it was freezing here at home).

I love collecting these sea glass beads - I decided to hang these on the mirror in my bathroom - I'm hoping in the new year to replace the vanity and make a few other updates - stay tuned!

I also brought home this soap from Tommy Bahama called Maui Mango - I love how it smells and the wrapping is so fun and tropical

Before I get into my holiday tour I also wanted to share some updated photos of my closet room, I made some adjustments and moved some things around, it's still a work in progress and I'd love to redo it someday with all white organizers and a great paint color...for now it's still pretty amazing :)

Finally, here's my holiday house tour.  I didn't buy a ton of new decorations this year but I try to move things around and try different stuff each year.  What about you - do you change your theme each year or look forward to pulling out all of your favorites and decorate the same way each year?

A few close-ups of the tree:

A few shots of my dining table set up for the my big dinner on Christmas eve (can't wait!)

I did purchase some faux fur stockings to hang on my faux fireplace - I looked at these a bunch of times and finally let myself buy them when they went on 'final sale'  They're really cute but much bigger than I was expecting (these are the 'regular' size).  They're from Restoration Hardware.  

I hope everyone has an amazing, wonderful holiday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Coastal Foyer Updates

So, I've been wanting to blog for a while but everything's just been so crazy I haven't been able to.  Meanwhile, the election results are coming in and it's giving me anxiety so this is the perfect excuse to not think about it and hope it all turns out ok...

As you know my dream is to own an oceanfront beach house (or condo).  I've been saving stuff as I find it for my dream place.  One of the larger things I've been saving is this sky blue parsons shelf from Home Decorators.  (they don't have the blue anymore but the black is seriously marked down from what I paid)

I bought it a while ago and I've been keeping the parts in my closet and always worrying that I'd scratch the paint.  So, I finally decided just to put it together so I could enjoy it now.  I really love seeing it when I walk in the door.

I accessorized it with beachy accents from around the house.  The apolis tote bag was brought back from Hawaii and has been hanging out in my closet, now it has a prominent place and reminds me of my trips every time I walk by. The super large blue glass bottle was found on Amazon (doesn't look like it's available anymore).  

The second shelf is filled with part of my shell collection and the third shelf has a silver starfish bowl from Pottery Barn and a giant surfing book.  The bottom shelf has some baskets I had around the house.  My Mom and I went to Lucketts over the weekend and she bought me that amazing Hungarian canning jar.  I think I'll fill it with more shells or sea glass beads (I love collecting beads on my trips to Hawaii).


I also worked on a small DIY project by my front door to hold my keys.  I had a piece of red oak left over from another project.  I distressed the wood with my old printmaking tools from college and then applied weathered oak stain and some blue paint to give it a driftwood coastal look.  

After everything dried - we (by we I mean my Dad) drilled a keyhole on the back so it would lay flat against the wall.  Then, we drilled and attached deck cleats (I bought mine from West Marine). 

I love how it turned out!  Way better than the little hooks I had there before. Now looking at these I feel like I need a more modern looking alarm system...yuck...at least it still goes nuts if you open the door.  

I've been collecting little pineapples and found the large one at HomeGoods over the weekend, now my collection is complete! Here are some random photos from my living room this weekend... :)

Have a great week!