Monday, September 7, 2015

Meet Kona: My Fiddle Leaf Fig

Happy Labor day friends...I can't believe the long weekend is almost over.  It definitely flew by!

I've been wanting to catch up on a bunch of blog posts but everything has been so crazy.

Anyway, if you love decorating as much as I do you've probably heard of the infamous Fiddle Leaf Fig.  They've been really popular in design magazines, Pinterest, etc. I even made a Pinterest board I was so excited about them.  

Via:  Apartment Therapy

Via:  Studio McGee

Via:  Hi Sugarplum

(head to the board for sources:  Fiddle Leaf Fig Obsession)

Well, I had been wanting one for a while but they were hard to find in my area.  I finally found one at a local nursery and if you follow me on Instagram you could probably see how excited I was to try to fit it in my little car.

Meet Kona, my Fiddle Leaf Fig

Now, don't get excited (or get attached like I did).  If you're familiar with these you also know how fickle they can be and a lot of people have had bad luck with them.  

Yup, all down hill from here...

I tried following advice I read online (because that always works). But apparently Kona's demise was inevitable.  

Here she is to her replacement.  Kona II.  A faux Fiddle Leaf Fig.

I actually wish I would have gone the faux route all along.  Sure, can tell this one isn't the real deal and it wasn't cheap.  But I'd rather have one that stays green and doesn't drop leaves (which by the way sounds like an animal scratching across the floor which did wonders for my nerves).  This way I won't beat myself up about the plant not making it.  This one should be around for a long time.

Have you had any luck with your Fiddle Leaf Figs? Do you know the secrets to keeping them alive?  


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