Monday, September 7, 2015

Fresh Finds: Lucketts & Lunch...and other random updates

So, this will probably be my last post tonight :)  But it will be a long one!

Over the weekend my Mom and I decided to swing by Lucketts since we haven't been in a while and they were having their Design House and Flea market.  It definitely wasn't as packed as it usually is (we usually go for the Holiday open house and have to wait out in the cold with the llamas to get into the design house).

I found this really cool French antique bottle (I love the shape). I just wish I would have examined it closely - it has a big chunk out of the neck and they had a few there.  I guess it adds some charm maybe? :/  I also tried to get the gunk out of the inside and it won't budge - hence the condensation - I think it's going to take days to dry.  Normally, I would use a blow dryer to dry it out but I'm worried about the glass being more fragile since it's an antique...

I really love the wood [pediment?] that's what I call it anyway.  It probably would have been attached to a dresser.  My father and I worked to remove the two wood pieces that attached it to another piece.  PS it smells awful. I've cleaned it with wood cleaner and it's still smells barn-fresh.  

I think I'm going to command-strip it above one of my doorways since I love that look but I haven't decided which yet.  I also haven't decided if I'm going to stain it or paint or leave it as-is.  It actually somewhat matches the tone of the stain on my kitchen cabinets. 


A million years ago I bought a chandelier from a barn sale at Ekster Antiques.  It needed to be rewired and sat on it's side on my bookcase for years.  I finally decided I wanted to take down my West Elm capiz shell chandelier from my closet room (and I carefully packed it for my future beach home...still trying to keep the faith).  After rewiring the chandelier we added a ceiling medallion (I found mine for a steal on Amazon) and hung it over my tufted ottoman in the center of the room.

I really like how it turned out and think it looks amazing with the light on. Now I really want to change out the closet organizer to white with a more custom look.  But that's much further down the road.  

When I took these photos the crape myrtle outside my house was blooming and I couldn't resist taking a few shots of the beautiful fuchsia blooms filling the window.

Speaking of beautiful blooms, my hydrangeas did come back this year (thank goodness!) but on my really large amazing plant I had ONE bloom, on the smaller plant I had about 4 or 5. They're quite dry now but I snapped these shots while they were a beautiful purple-y blue.


I mentioned in a previous post that I found this adorable pineapple jar on One Kings Lane, I wanted to show where I have it in my kitchen because I think it is so cute.

Staying in the kitchen I finally found the HomeGoods seltzer bottle that I spotted on Instagram a while back.  It's now found a home next to my soap dispensers but I love the blue glass with the marble board too.


Keeping with the blue theme...I've mentioned a few times in previous posts that I've pretty much completely designed my dream beach house in my head (and we don't own one yet).  I swore I wouldn't buy anything else for my room but of course I'm a shopaholic so I didn't completely keep my promise.  The majority of my purchases were somewhat justifiable as I could use them in my house.  These nightstands however...they're a bit off the deep end I realize.  

I just couldn't pass them up when they were on sale at World Market. Now they're junking up my dining room which drives me absolutely crazy but I guess I can only blame myself :)

They are pretty awesome though, right? I couldn't wait to see how the blue lamps looked on them.  They're substantial enough to really hold their own with the large glass lamps so I'm really happy with them.  The pulls that came with them were painted black.  I roughed them up with a sanding block and now they have a great antique silver finish.  

I also made a trip down to Richmond a while back to check out a large decor store named At Home.  It's kind of like a Costco-sized HomeGoods.  They do have a ton of stuff but HomeGoods will always have my heart as my favorite store :)  Speaking of which there's a great HGs around the corner from the At Home store so you can hit both at once.

Here's what I brought home from both stores.  The blue knobs are from an Etsy seller - I just love how they look like water - they're for my future beach house dresser.  I absolutely love them.

I've been obsessed with baskets lately.  They have such a beachy look.  These were also found at HomeGoods.  The one on the left was even in the clearance section for around $11 or $12.  


I've also applied my beachy look and love for blues to my 'linen cabinet.'  Now I realize to some this will be bat **** crazy since I don't even use these towels (I use the same gray ones that hang in my bathroom all the time).  But anyway just go with me here. I love how cohesive the colors look with the wall color and the rest of the accents like my Hawaiian map above.


Finally, since I'm sure you're wondering if this post will everrrrr end :)

I've started collecting great wood frames that have a worn coastal look to them.  So far I've filled them with water and beach shots since I plan to use them in a gallery wall in my beach room.  

This one is a photo of a beach on Oahu.  I tried out a new company called Framebridge.  I wasn't crazy with the way they printed the image so I ended up dismantling the whole thing and reprinting and putting it all back together. :/

This one is a sunset on the Big Island and the frame I found at HomeGoods. It was white washed so I added a light coating of blue paint I had in my stash and then wiped it off. I really love how it turned out.

This one is my absolute favorite.  We found the frame at World Market a while back and the photo is over Kauai.  

Have a great week!

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