Thursday, June 18, 2015

DIY Starfish Shadowboxes

What a dreary day today, it sounds like the weather might be slightly better over the weekend though.  I can't wait to start working on some real DIY projects when it's nicer outside.

So, this project started with a trip to HomeGoods...I practically live there I know.  I saw a bag of blue-dyed starfish and although I had no idea what I would do with them, I grabbed them up like someone else might snatch them from me.  If you know HomeGoods you know this is entirely possible.  You can't take your eye off of anything you might even remotely like for fear of some fool getting to it before you.  Yes, the struggle is real...

Anyway, so I bought the starfish and then I was inspired by some shadowboxes I saw (I forget where) and decided to make my own.

The process was pretty simple - I found the shadowboxes at Hobby Lobby.  If you've never been you gotta make it a priority.  I love seeing people shop there for the first time.  It's like ToysRUs for the craft and decor obsessed. Just sayin'...

The board in the back that came with the shadowboxes was just that compressed cardboardy type stuff so I painted it with two coats of Valspar's City storm (the same color as my art cabinet if you're keeping track)

Then, I planned out where I wanted the starfish to go - it didn't need to be perfect since they're not all exactly the same size but I wanted some symmetry.  I then glued them down with E6000.  That stuff is serious - make sure you have good ventilation.

I let them dry and then popped them carefully back in the frames and voila instant coastal-beachy-art.  I really love how they turned out.  Sometimes projects end up looking all DIY and projecty but I feel like this one looks like something you could find in an expensive store - for a fraction of the cost.  Plus, I get to say I made it myself for our future beach house :)


I also created a collage of shave ice from all of my past trips to Hawaii.  I love all of the vivid colors but it's a bit of a departure for me so I'm still letting it grow on me.  It's in my kitchen which is very brown and beige (not my choice of course).  I might cut a mat to even out the different edges so it's more uniform, right now it's kind of bugging me.  Still a fun reminder every day of my love for Hawaii.

Are you proud of any new projects you've worked on?  I'd love to hear about them!



  1. Shaved ice!! Love it and love the pics. I was very excited, discovered that we now have a shaved ice vendor at our farmer's market so I can at least enjoy it over the summer and think of Hawaii! Can't wait to hear more about your trip. I so want to stay at Turtle Bay next time, that part of the island is so wonderful!

    1. OMG Turtle Bay is pretty amazing, definitely has a cool vibe and they've just renovated a lot of the rooms and I was obsessed with the decor!

  2. Love your ideas as usual.