Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Decorating with Pineapple Punch

So, what's the first post I'm blogging after returning from Hawaii?  Pineapples of course!

Have you noticed that pineapples and tropical accents are popping up in decor everywhere?  I'm kinda loving it and kinda jumping on the bandwagon, here are a few of my favorites:

While I was on vacation of course I saw pineapples everywhere but most were stuffed, real, or neon colors which doesn't really work for me.

I found this really cute silver pineapple jar on One Kings Lane (it looks like it's still available if you search for Pineapple covered jar):

This is actually a t-shirt from Anthropologie (I love the blue!):

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw the print I've been raving about - it's from Etsy seller South Pacific she has tons of beautiful prints, definitely check her out!

I framed the print with a $9.99 HomeGoods frame and I think it looks amazing with my Hawaiian-hotel-inspired lamp (more to come on my trip!)

You may notice I also updated the curtains (also from HomeGoods) and added some coral to my coffee table to try to lighten up the space and give it a coastal vibe. I'm kind of obsessed with coral lately and I'm seeing it everywhere so I think everyone is!

Yes, even pineapple string lights - I'm not sure the source for these - I found them on Pinterest and just thought they'd be so cute on a deck for a party :)

I really love these fun tropical pillows from World Market, they just feel so summery and like you're on vacation all.the.time  (trust me I'm ready for vacation again and I've only been back a few weeks)

Check out this colorful vignette pinned by swoonworthy (with a great brassy pineapple):

Have you heard of the Australian digital magazine - Adore?  They just came out with a printed copy of their magazine - called the Paradise edition.  If you love coastal accents, bright colors, beautiful spaces - this is the magazine for you.  

You can order it in the US from Hattan Home - it's pretty pricey at $24 + shipping but let me tell you I loved it and I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it to Australia so this was a nice treat :)

One of the features shows a blue pineapple (from Keeki)!

There is also a feature on a store named Villa Capri.  The colors in this shop are make me wish I could plan a trip just to buy one of everything :) - they also sell the blue pineapple above!

I also really want to try these Vanilla Pineapple Margaritas, they sound amazing! (see I don't just talk about decor...).  You can find the recipe on

So, what do you think about the pineapple and paradise trend in decorating this summer?  Are you feeling it or is it not really your thing?


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