Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Beach House Dreaming

If you've been reading my blog even for a few posts you've probably picked up that I'm obsessed with shells.  I really have become obsessed with all things coastal, nautical, beachy, whatever you want to call it it makes me happy.  

So, now that my style is changing to being more about lighter finishes I'm looking around my house and it feels very dark.  There was a period of time when my parents kept saying 'you're going to paint this black aren't you?' yeah...I probably should have listened to them...

Anyway, we're thinking about buying a beach condo in the future and if you know me you know that I've already picked out the condo I want, the room I want with the view of the ocean I want and I've already planned where the furniture (I want to buy) will be placed...yeah talk about getting your hopes up!

Here's my plan so far:

*Nightstands - I want something with a really light finish - I love these options because they give you both display space and storage.  The top is from Pottery Barn the bottom is from One Kings Lane

*Dresser (not shown) - I want to find something in a similar finish to the nightstands and that's probably where I'll hang my giant vintage seascape painting that I've been storing.  That will also be the perfect display space for my bookends and some beautiful blue glass bottles.

*This lamp is everything I want my beach house bedroom to be.  It's light but has a great beautiful blue color.  I completely obsessed over it for a while and finally today I bought two of them.  Yes, I realize that's insane considering we don't actually own a beach house yet (trust me once you see the price you'll really think I've lost it).  Amazon got me with their 'only 2 left' and I was so worried they would sell out...yeah they still say 2 left so I'm guessing that was a trick to get me to buy it and it worked! :( Aqua Blue Glass Lamp Anyway, I'm really on a spending diet after this purchase, I swear I won't buy anything else for this beach house until it's a reality!

*Capiz shell chandelier from West Elm.  I already own this (it used to hang in my closet room, more to come on that later)

*Teal velvet daybed/bench - I'd like to put this by the window so you can read and watch the ocean at the same time but depending on the size of the room it may be too much furniture and might get nixed from the plan.  

*This beautiful blue inlaid box from Pottery Barn would look great on either of those nightstands

*The Versailles chair from Restoration Hardware.  What can I say? I've loved this chair for years. The first hotel I stayed at on my last trip actually had two of these in the lobby :)  Normally, I would love to get it custom made in a beautiful blue upholstery but for the beach house I want a wood finish that resembles driftwood and the fabric will be a grayish velvet.  <3

*I have this crazy idea that the wall behind the bed could be a feature wall and I could cover it in beautiful gray-ish blue stained flooring or boards.  I ordered some samples from Lumber Liquidators for about $10 (and if I order from them that $10 will be a credit) but I have to figure out the logistics still for this project.  

*Headboard - I know I want blue velvet upholstery and I really like how this one isn't quite navy, it's more of a royal blue

*Whale bookends - I bought these from One Kings Lane and I think they'll look great with some blue books like these new favorites:

*For the bedding, I really want this room to feel like a hotel room (more on that below).  This bedding from Pottery Barn reminds me of waves or ripples in the sand, it's so pretty.  I have sheets I can use that have an aqua embroidered detail and then I'll find a throw in a great blue pattern - maybe ikat.

*Speaking of ikat - I purchased these ikat pillows from HomeGoods and loved them so much in my current bedroom that when I saw a larger size I snatched them up to save for my beach bedroom

My Mom and I went to the Eastern shore last weekend and checked out the area and an open house.  We also went to a few beachy decor stores I found.  Our favorite was Serendipity Coastal Furnishings.  Really cute store with lots of painted furniture too.  

This is where we found the cutest little (well big) whale.  I named him Moby and carried him around the store like a baby.  Yeah, I just admitted that...

He's going to hang out on my bar until we have our beach place:

Here I am in this giant chair with Moby (because we somehow have created a tradition where my Mom takes photos of me in every ginormous chair we can find...)

Finally, here's my major inspiration for my beach house bedroom, this is the last resort I stayed at during my trip to Hawaii in May, Turtle Bay Resort.

The room I stayed in was recently renovated and I LOVED every bit of it, here are some shots I took of the room,  bathroom and even the hall (I know, I know trust me I took a bajillion photos of the normal stuff like the ocean - I'll share more in some future posts I want to do about each island I visited and some of my favorite shops, restaurants, and things to do)

Hope you're having a great week!

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