Sunday, April 12, 2015

Operation Take Back My Yard, Volume 1

Well, if you're in the Northeast like I am you most likely had absolutely a-mazing weather this weekend. I think everyone was sighing in relief that Spring might actually be here.  

I worked extensively this weekend on my deck (and my front porch) and I have the sunburn to prove it.  Here's a tip - wear sunscreen...ugh I put it on wayyyy too late.  

Anyway, I literally spent hours outside this weekend enjoying my 'new' deck and felt so at peace.

Here's the brief story of the title of this blog post - my neighbors...are/were horrendous - just absolutely awful.  Well, they lost their house (I know I shouldn't celebrate that but you really don't know what these people were like).  Anyway, now that they're gone and I'm just dealing with the 'flippers' coming by I wanted to take back my deck.

Now...before you get all judgey and look at these photos and go "Holy green deck..."  yes I know the actual deck needs work.  The wood is pretty green at this point (it's going to get pressure washed, no worries) and the actual structure is a hot mess.  Trust me I didn't build it...not that I know how to build a deck but you know what I mean...

That was the longest intro ever but here's how the deck looks now.  I'm super proud of how it turned out.  I already had the deck furniture but paid a bajillion dollars (in my mind anyway) to replace the cushions with these special ones that have mesh/drains built in so rain water doesn't soak in and turn all moldy like my last ones.  I obsessed over which cushions to buy because my existing furniture didn't match any of the replacement cushion dimensions - I ended up going with ottoman cushions for the seats and 20" throw pillows for the backs.  

I plan to spray the frames with outdoor spray paint to cut down on rust etc. But I was impatient and wanted to sit on my pretty deck in the beautiful weather...

I know you probably recognize these planters from the ones I was obsessing over in a previous post:  Fresh Finds - Summer Edition  But they're actually smaller ones I found at Terrain

I also planted hydrangeas in my urns on my front porch (yes I need to work on the concrete because it's chipping again...there's always something on the to-do list :) )

Snapdragons that I bought at Lowes this morning.  I love their pink color. Sure hope I can keep all of these plants alive, especially while I'm gone in Hawaii for a week and and a half :/

These were an Easter present from my Mom along with the flowers on my deck coffee table.  Love their color <3

Large gray planters:  Terrain
Azure blue replacement cushions (Fast Dry):  Ballard Designs
Black and white toss pillows:  Target from a few years ago (already had them)
Glazed blue planter on the table:  HomeGoods
Plants:  Lowes
Rug:  Joss&Main
Blue pillows on porch swing:  HomeGoods

Happy Spring!

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