Sunday, March 15, 2015

Treasure Hunting in Georgetown

OMG I am really failing at blogging more this year (which was one of my resolutions).  I had planned to blog allll about my dining room in January (which I did - but not completely) and my bathroom in February (which didn't happen at all once I realized how much my 'little projects' would cost) what I'm going to say next is going to come off as all kinds of crazy...I get that...

I'm going to Hawaii again for my birthday!!  

Yes, if you're a rational person you're probably thinking with the money I'll spend on a trip to Hawaii (if you haven't been it's over the top expensive to even breathe there) I could remodel my bathroom...replace my embarrassing fence in my off some of that debt I keep talking about needing to pay off...

I get that I do.  But who says life should always be about making rational decisions?  I'm not making excuses trust me - but I do work a lot of hours and when I'm not working I'm probably thinking about work or stressing about work.  So, I do like to have a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.  I don't know I just feel so at peace in Hawaii.  Well...except when their 'Hawaiian squirrels' run out in front of my rental car (Google it if you don't believe me...that crap is scary)

Anyway...hopefully I haven't lost you at this point...because I do have some fun finds to share.  I went to Georgetown on Saturday...which is an adventure considering it was raining...and it's DC on a Saturday.  

First, I stopped at my favorite macaron shop in my area (Laduree will always be my all-time favorite)

I love how colorful their macarons are and they always have great new flavors to try too - in this box I have coconut, cherry blossom, blood orange, raspberry, lady grey, cassis and irish creme.  

I stopped by Anthropologie which is just a few doors down from Olivia Macaron.  I love their new dark blue latte bowls and of course love the whale measuring cups.

I also stopped by Salt & Sundry's new shop on S Street.  I love all of their displays but usually can't afford to buy too much as their prices due to tend to be on the high side.  I hope one day I can own a little shop as beautiful as theirs.  

Here's a shot of my Stella&Dot bag next to my super-important macarons on the way home -

I finished the day with lunch with my Mom and this pineapple martini - it was amazing :)

Now of course I brought something home with me (besides the amazing macs):

The blue bowl and little dish are from Salt & Sundry.  The shell bottle and terrarium are from Hobby Lobby, both were 50% off :) I kept trying to put them back and then just ended up giving in to my shopaholic tendencies...

I actually really like the terrarium on it's side like this because it looks like a giant diamond...

Here's how I styled each of the new additions:

I think the terrarium looks great with my growing collection on top of my dining room armoire.  It's probably really annoying people that actually use these with plants but I love how they look so graphic when they're empty.  

Of course this caused a chain reaction around the house and I shifted some other stuff around to accommodate.  I really enjoy treasure hunting but I also like reworking stuff I already have around the house (and love). 

The glass jar holding the corks was the shell jar - everything else I already had (the glittered vase I did a post about a million years ago).  I love how everything is organized and easy to grab to make a quick drink.  

If you know me (or have been following this blog) you know that I'm obsessed with shells.  I've been collecting since I was a kid.  These are some of my absolute favorites.  Most are from a store near Ocean City, MD called Sea Shell City.   

I love displaying my collection in apothecary jars (most are from HomeGoods - you can pick them up year round at great prices).  I wish I could bring home some shells from Hawaii but you have to dive for them and there's a lot of legends/stories/tales about how you'll have all kinds of bad luck if you bring home sand or anything else from it's natural habitat.  I brought back a tiny glass pyramid filled with sand and shells and I'm still hoping the Gods don't take it out on me since it was from a gift shop :/

Here's the blue bowl from Salt & Sundry - it's holding a candle from a little soap shop in Hawaii.  It smells amazing (Pineapple and Guava)  - I didn't want to burn it but now that I'm going back I might be able to get another one :)

Well, that was quite possibly the longest post ever...hope you're not asleep over there :)  Looks like I won't be keeping up with my monthly blog list that I put together at the end of last year organized by room.  But I'm still going to try to work on a few projects per room and maybe even squeeze in a few about my trip.  I always like seeing how people pack their carry on bags and suitcases so I might do a post or two about that kind of stuff.  

Until then, stay tuned - I might have another post tonight about some other finds and projects I've completed in the past week.  

Have a great week!

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