Friday, March 20, 2015

Fresh Finds - Summer Edition

Now let me start out by saying all of these finds are from Pottery Barn.  I didn't plan it that way but I started going through all of their new arrivals and I kept clicking 'add to cart.'

Do you do this?  Add a bunch of stuff to your cart like you're having a giant shopping spree?  The struggle is not clicking...'complete my order'

I separated the new arrivals into a few categories:

Absolutely have to have (well I wish):

As soon as I saw these concrete planters I started envisioning how amazing they would look on my deck as part of my 2015 redecoration/action plan to take over my deck and actually use it this year.  They're pricey for sure, I'm hoping I can at least get a code for free shipping to help with the price.

I don't eat oysters (I think they look like aliens) but I really love this serving bowl for my fictitious beach house...

I love how textural this lamp base is, it too would look amazing in my beach house

I think I've seen a similar bowl at HGs so I'm going to have to keep an eye out.  This bowl isn't super functional but its so cute if you're trying to add some nautical/beachy flair to your space.  


Would love to splurge on these:

I've been wanting to replace the basic floor mirror in my closet room with something more dramatic.  This certainly fits the bill.  I love how it reminds me of leaded church windows (which I'm obsessed with).

If this was a map of Hawaii or my area I'd probably already have it hanging in the house.  I love the blue color and the fact that it's a mirror is amazing!

How can you go wrong with this beauty over your beach house table?  Stunning!


So cute (but I could probably live without these):

Yeah, I'm not an iguana fan (I'm pretty sure I'd run screaming if one was in my house...) but I love this coffee table trend in decor and that's he's silver of course.

I don't have an umbrella but I feel as though I 'need' one of these starfish snack cute!

I think if you removed the expensive macrame this vase would look a lot like the super popular wide-mouth vases/jars I've been blogging about lately.  

I've seen this in the store before and it seems pretty well made.  I would probably use it in my closet to store clutches :)

I don't have any surfboards to store but I thought this would be great for keeping large-scale paintings/canvases, framed art, etc off the floor.  

Disclaimer:  I'm not being compensated for any of my thoughts and opinions above.  I'm not affiliated with Pottery Barn (although I'd love to be!).  I just really love the items and thought I'd share.

Have a great weekend!

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