Friday, March 20, 2015

Eleven Things Volume 20

1.  I can't believe it's the first day of Spring...and it's snowing.  SNOWING...really mother nature?  I think we've had just about enough this year (and my utility bill is

2.  This weekend I need to start nailing down my research for my Hawaii trip.  I've been taking screen shots of places I want to check out and and now it's time to put the list together.  Last night I had a mild panic attack about it all.  The money...the fact that I'm going by myself again...the fact that I'm one of those insane people that start freaking out when they're on vacation because the days are going by at a ridiculous pace and you can't slow it down and you're going to have to

3.  Speaking of Hawaii...I found this absolutely amazing lantern at HomeGoods.  The first time I saw one it was in another woman's hand.  I'm going to be honest...I did think about tripping her and running off with it.  But I held back...and when I went to HomeGoods looking for a faux fur throw (a fiasco with PotteryBarn/WestElm led me to my old faithful HGs which never disappoints me)...I found my very own lantern.

Amazing...and when it's lit...even more amazing...I love how it looks with the giclee of an antique Hawaiian map I bought on Maui as a really special souvenir...

4.  Here's the faux fur throw if you'e interested.  It's not nearly as thick and luxurious as the one I was looking at in PB but it was way more affordable:

5.  How amazing is the blue velvet bench, I just put it in my cart (I can dream):

Nico Upholstered Bench via Joss&Main

6.  I did just purchase two of these jars from Joss&Main I think once I remove the raffia they'll look a lot like the antique canning jars I've been looking for (for a fraction of the cost):

                                                                           Dora vase via Joss&Main

7.  I can't believe I've been able to keep this little happy plant alive.  She seems to be thriving too.  Yes, she's a she.  I bought her from Ikea...I think I'll have to check out their plants again this summer and find her a little friend.

8.  As you can see I'm sort of obsessed with faux fur this year.  I found the lighter pillows (with inserts) around the holidays at HGs and the dark luxe covers at PotteryBarn. They're so soft and I love how they look mixed with my other pillows (in the photos they look more brown-toned but they're definitely gray).  Now to decide if I should swap them out with my more 'spring' like pillows as the seasons change...

9.  I'm obsessed with Sugarfina, especially these 'fruttini'  I know they're probably all sugar so I try to limit my orders...but it's a struggle.  They're packaging is amazing too! 

10.  I adjusted a few things around my office work space - here are a few random photos :)

11.  Since January was supposed to be all about the dining room (and it's now March and I'm still making tweaks and didn't move on to the bathroom or kitchen...).  Figured I might as well show my progress (this is after we finally got the curtain rods switched out...I know BIG changes :) )

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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