Sunday, March 15, 2015

Current Obsessions: Shell Illustrations

So, I'm thinking about starting a new blog series showcasing some of my current obsessions.  They'll most likely be new decor trends I'm into or a new antique collection I've started.  

First up - the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel.  I scour Etsy pretty much on a daily basis.  It's not good for my $$ situation trust me.  I try to 'favorite' things and then think about them for at least a week or two (as long as someone else doesn't swoop in and buy them before me).  I've been holding back for a while now but some original shell prints/plates/illustrations really caught my eye.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm obsessed with shells.  So it's only natural I'd love Haeckel's work.  You've probably seen it before without realizing it.  It's been reproduced into note cards, etc.  These original plates were super pricey since they were from one of the original editions of the books of Haeckel's art.  

Being somewhat-thrifty - I decided to look for another option.  I found this more recent paperback of his work with the same prints in it - on sale for $16.48 - Art Forms in Nature).  Of course I was trying to be so careful when I dismantled the book to get my prints and managed to rip right through the ones I wanted...ugh...thankfully the mat I had cut covered it up.

Here's the finished product in my upstairs hallway...

I wavered on what the right perch would be in this little corner but I really love my grandmother's old vanity stool that I recovered a million years ago in a fun white faux fur with some sparkly pillows.

The frames are from Target - one of my favorite styles that they offer.  Just a head's up - while it may look like an 11x14 - it's not.  So if you're like me and get a mat custom-cut (because the prints aren't 8x10, they're smaller) - you're going to be cursing...and then doing some customization with an exacto knife...

I love the metal inset detail against the gray stained wood

Definitely check out his work if you love really detailed illustrations (especially botanicals) 

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