Sunday, March 15, 2015

Closet Room Updates

I'm so fortunate to have a room that I converted into my closet 'room'.  I live in an old house and the closets are very small (with a slopped ceiling).  So, this really was the best option and I love having everything organized in one place.

I am however on round 3 of choosing curtains for the little room.  I started with a metallic light blue and silver kind of fabric that just seemed too formal.  Then, I found this amazing colorful batik/ikat print.  I love love this fabric but it just never seemed to work (probably because everything in my house is blue, gray, or black).  

I was in HomeGoods (story of my life) during a rare lunch break from work and wasn't looking for curtains at all but had to stop and pick these up.  They were a bargain too of course making it even harder to put them down.

I really think these might be it for a while :)  Since I was already photographing the curtains I also took a few shots around the room. 

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I leave on Saturday for a week in Oahu, my second trip. I feel the same as you, I feel completely at peace there. Wish I could make the move and live there!

    1. So excited for you!! Let me know if you have any suggestions on Oahu - I've only been once for only a day while waiting to fly home so I'd love to hear if you know of any must-do stops.
      Have a great trip!

    2. Will do! We are going on a ghost tour, hoping it is fun!