Sunday, January 4, 2015

Holiday Tablescape & 2015 Plans

I cannot believe it's 2015 already...I mean seriously where did the time go? Everyone's talking about resolutions and a fresh start and I just feel like I'm in a funk.  I had a few days off from work and I feel like the biggest couch potato...I had lofty goals for my time off from work and it just didn't happen. Feeling some serious panic over it being Sunday afternoon and going back to work tomorrow :/

I did finally finish sewing my curtains in my kitchen but I'm not even going to show any photos of (seamstress? that even seems to fancy).  I'm sure I must have other talents but sewing is definitely not one of them.  

Anyway,  I did make a plan for 2015.  Since I am in serious need of getting myself on a budget - I've decided to focus on one part of my house each month.  I'll only work on projects in that room or area during that month.  Now I tried to be strategic about this and created the schedule around the seasons that made the most sense (work on the deck decor when it's warm out instead of this week when it's 20 degrees outside...)

I'm also going to do my very best to only spend money one day of the week - I've chosen Saturday.  The only concession I'll make is if I need gas... I'm just not that good at walking a million miles to work (although maybe it would help with my weight loss goals too...)

So here's the 2015 plan:

January:  Dining Room
February:  Bathroom
March:  Kitchen
April:  Basement - Finished
May:  Front yard / Porch
June:  Back yard / Deck
July:  Master bedroom
August:  Closet room
September:  Living room
October:  Office / Art room
November:  Basement - Unfinished
December:  Hallway / Stairs / Holiday Tour

PS - I refuse to take down my Christmas decorations.  We took down the icicle lights outside but other than that I'm keeping my tree up for a little longer. Because I can.  Because it makes me happy...and I need that right now.  

Here she is...(with a few new ornaments I scored at HomeGoods right before Christmas and a few we found on sale after the holidays)

I also wanted to share my Christmas Eve tablescape - you may have seen a few sneak peeks on Instagram but I figured I'd show a few more glamour shots:

This is the blue dish I was hoping would arrive in time for Christmas Eve...yeah it didn't get here until the Saturday after unfortunately :(  But it is very pretty and arrived in one piece!

Anyone else feeling anxiety about starting the new year versus all these people I see being so pumped to get on the treadmill and eat kale??

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