Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dining room - Nautical Charts

This is my second project for the evening - you may remember this wall in my dining room had a bunch of levels hung next to the nautical charts with command strips (it's been that way for years).  I always felt like it wasn't balanced though and I decided it would be a quick, easy and low cost project to change it up a bit. 

I centered the vintage nautical charts on the wall (they are of the area I'm from and where I live in MD - I found them at an estate sale in the smelly basement...ahh I miss estate sales)

There were a few small holes that I needed to cover up and I decided to try a new product I found right before Christmas.  It actually worked pretty well and I was able to paint over the small patched holes quickly - this isn't an ad -but it is on sale and worked pretty well for me, here's the link: Erase-A-Hole

I had all of the blue pillows and glassware already so I just repurposed those and my favorite part of the quick makeover was an amazing glass jar I found on a recent trip to HomeGoods that fit all of the antique levels perfectly.  

Here are the nautical charts close up - love them.  

Have you been working on any low cost projects around the house?  I know I'm trying to save wherever I can these days!

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