Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dining Room - Bar Updates

So, how the heck is it already Sunday evening? Ugh...the weekends have been going by SO quickly...especially since I did a whole bunch of eating and watching TV this weekend...

I did get sick of myself being a slob and got up and decided to work out in my 'workout room' in the basement....yeah I nearly decapitated myself on my treadmill (the ceilings are too low down there to stand on the treadmill) #oldhouseproblems.  So, I'm going to have to figure that out...because I told myself I couldn't go on vacation this year unless I lose 20 lbs by my birthday (in May)... you might remember I put together a list for the blog for 2015...if you don't here it is again...

January:  Dining Room
February:  Bathroom
March:  Kitchen
April:  Basement - Finished
May:  Front yard / Porch
June:  Back yard / Deck
July:  Master bedroom
August:  Closet room
September:  Living room
October:  Office / Art room
November:  Basement - Unfinished
December:  Hallway / Stairs / Holiday Tour

January is dining room month and I've been killing it with low cost projects.  The first one actually didn't cost me anything because I had all of the materials on hand, here's what you'll need:

-Exacto Knife
-Ruler/measuring tape
-Wallpaper (not shown)
-Elmer's glue
-Cardboard (I reused a box from a shipment)

I made panels to go into the back of my bar.  I felt this would really lighten up the piece of furniture and show off the glassware that was getting lost in all of the black.

After taking measurements, I used the exacto knife to cut down the priority mail box and then covered it using the paint-able wallpaper I had on hand.  I planned on painting it but once I installed it I liked the white with the subtle pattern.

I cut the corners so there wouldn't be a ton of bulk on the back.  Let them dry (if you're more patient than me) and then just push them in to place...and voila instant pattern and light.

I love how now you can see the blue of the large jar I found at HomeGoods (that looks a lot like the antique jars I've been hunting for ages).  You'll also notice my wine rack is quite empty - I googled it and if your wine isn't fairly expensive it's really only good for a couple of years.  I had some wine from like 7 years ago when I first moved into my wasn't looking so great.  I got rid of about 15 bottles - I bet my recycling guys thought I had a raging party ;)

BTW - I decided to sell my giant 100-year old scale/micrometer - it's for sale in the Etsy shop - you can't miss it (the link to the shop is on the sidebar to the right).  It's gotta weigh like 40 lbs...can't wait to figure out how to ship it :)

Have a great week!

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