Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday Shopping in NYC 2014

I spent the day in New York yesterday...if you're local you're probably thinking...wasn't it pouring yesterday?

Yup, it sure was!  Was it miserable?  Yeah pretty much... not only did my shoes fill up with water immediately but it put everyone in an awful mood and I actually had people hit me with their umbrellas...smack my umbrella away...dump water on me from their umbrellas...not to mention the cab shortage...

I tried multiple times to get cabs and either they wanted to charge a ridiculous amount of money to go a mile and half (and I paid it)...or they were shady and didn't have numbers or anything on their cars..or they flat out said NO! that's too far (I wanted to go roughly 2 miles away) I walked...and I walked...and I walked...with puddles inside my shoes...Not a good time.  All in all I walked about 21,000 steps yesterday which is over 10 miles...insane!  

Today I'm hobbling around and pretty much all I've done is watch much for my crazy to-do list!

Anyway, it wasn't ALL bad - I did make it to the two story Anthropologie that I love:

I also got to see The Tree:

This one is also lovely

I was able to capture some photos of my favorite churches, I just love the Gothic architecture:

My favorite macarons - Laduree:

I got this cute little nutcracker box and found out later a portion of the sale goes to charity.  Pretty cool - especially since they cost a small fortune.  

I took a break at Starbucks and had my favorite holiday drink (Caramel Apple Spice)...and changed my socks in the bathroom...although as soon as I went outside again they were soaked...sigh...

Here are a few random shots around the city (some of my favorite storefronts - Tifanny's!, art, and some really beautiful estate jewelry in a window of an antique store):

I had lunch at Trump tower again - mainly because it was close, I knew what to expect and they have good bathrooms :)

Plus this drink is amazing - Mar-a-lago

I also made it back to Fishs Eddy and this time it wasn't SO crowded that I couldn't even move - although I did give this guy a dirty look for almost knocking me into a pile of glassware...who does that?

I was really looking forward to shopping here and I picked up a few things for my kitchen that I really love

Before heading back to the bus (by way of walking 3,000 blocks) - I cut through Times Square and snapped a few photos on my phone (all of the photos above are from my phone too while balancing my umbrella so please forgive any blurriness!).  

I especially like this one that I switched over to B&W... makes the *#*@$*@# rain almost look

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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