Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lucketts Holiday Open House 2014

Happy Sunday!

I'm just now sharing my photos and finds from the Holiday open house at Lucketts this year.  My Mom braved the cold with me on the first day (Friday the 7th).  I thought it wouldn't be as crowded...I was wrong!  We got there at opening time and had to wait in line in the cold...

These alpacas served as our you know they get pissed at each other and wrap their necks around each other and then spit?  Yeah...not my idea of a good time...

Here are some of my shots from inside the house and around the field (sorry for any blur I had to move quick with my phone, it was super crowded!)

Here are the photos I Instagrammed:

My Mom and I have this new tradition of taking photos of me in crazy's a collage of a few we've taken in the past including the most recent from our trip to the RH store and outlet.  I wish I could bring one home with me (not that I have anywhere to put it...)

Last weekend we went to check out the ornaments at Homestead Gardens and made a stop at the RH store (hence the chair photo above)

 I'm sure I could find a place for this chaise or the couch below!

Here's what I brought home from the two trips:

This tree was not easy to get through the packed design house but my Mom was so nice to buy it for me.  I really love it and I think it will be great for ornaments or cards or anything else I think up :)

I love this ornament covered in shells, beachy and festive.  Love!


Speaking of which, I recently made a big donation to Amvets of a lot of household goods and even some clothes.  I decided to challenge myself to a #100itemchallenge and either toss, donate or sell 100 items before the end of the year.  I'm happy to report I'm at 170 items already!

Now if I could just get my shopaholic tendencies under control :/

But seriously how can you resist these sparklers?  Too bad I don't even like parties.  Have you made any holiday splurges yet this year? I'd love to hear about them!

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