Sunday, November 23, 2014

Geode Prints and the domino effect...

I found these geode prints a while back on Fulcrum's site.  I thought about shelling out major dough to have them custom framed (they of course came in a non-standard square size 24x24 and 36x36) but then I realized I went to Hawaii twice this year so I stuck with Hobby Lobby frames :)  

On sale!

The pink one replaced my mirror collage I had in my 'vanity room' (basically I turned the walk-in in my master (if you can call it that) into a little room where I put on makeup and keep most of my costume jewelry.  I love the colors and it's such a departure from the deep navy and gray tones in my bedroom.  

Andddd I just realized it matches my Anthro knobs on my jewelry happy accidents like that ;)

Here's a few shots of my vanity styling.  Do you read the House Beautiful articles - I think it's called what's on my vanity or something like that?  I always find those so interesting to see what people keep in such a personal place that you sit at almost every day.

Anyway, here's mine :)


The smaller blue print I put in my kitchen over my antique armoire/wardrobe.  This is my first white frame I've ever bought.  Usually white isn't my thing but I love how it looks and it really brightens the space...

Now about that domino effect...I decided the brown shiny fabric I had for the curtains since I moved in SEVEN years ago (can you believe it?) was just too much brown-on-brown-on-brown (brown cabinets, beige tile, brown patterned granite - none of which I would have picked myself).  

I found these great silver/gray graphic patterned curtains at HomeGoods and I'm attempting to do the hemming myself.  I say attempting because sewing is not my super power.  I just don't have the hand-eye-coordination or something y'all.  Before you think I'm crazy the curtains above are how they came out of the package - I didn't hem them all short like that.  I'm thinking about either letting the original hem out or hemming them to be shorter to the bottom of the window like we had them before.

Also, I need to change out the curtain rod.  This one is super thin and also you can still see where my beloved Lucy pulled them off the wall into her crate when she was a puppy and chewed them up and bent the rod.  

I was thinking about her today.  I just miss her so much.  You think eventually losing your best friend like that will hurt less.  It really doesn't. 


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