Sunday, November 23, 2014

Eleven Things Volume 19

I realized it's been a while since an 'Eleven Things' post and I'm feeling random so here goes :)

1.  I'm obsessed lately with large-scale blue bottles/jars/vases whatever you want to call them.  I keep spotting them on Pinterest but can't seem to find any affordable sources.  I found a close match at HomeGoods (I mean how can you not love that store).  Going to keep searching though, Terrain has one but their price is a little out of control.  

My find from HGs:

My current collection:

Pinterest inspiration (I'd share the sources but they don't seem to be actual websites so we'll just go with the photos):

I love Heather Bullard's collection above


2.  I'm going to NYC for the day in less than two weeks.  I'm trying to map out a few places I'd like to go.  I'm hoping the weather cooperates!  

3.  I just realized I never shared my finds from Hawaii!

Aren't these little embroidered whale towels so cute??

Absolutely love this shell bracelet I picked up for a few dollars at a souvenir shop - looks almost as good as the expensive shell jewelry you find on Kauai for hundreds to thousands of dollars

I love this map giclee/print of Hawaii.  The color is amazing and I love how the custom framing turned out.  You probably can't tell from this photo but it has a bit of an aqua tone to it like the map.

4.  I decided to take a trip to OC, MD a while back and it was so much fun.  I had been dreaming about a burger from my favorite place on Coastal Hwy and I even sat on the (not Hawaiian) beach for a few minutes and stopped at a few antique places along the way.  Here's what I brought back (in addition to a giant bucket of Fisher's popcorn)

This book is perfect for me - Gems (not really) and a lovely blue cover

I also picked up this cute little terrarium, cloche, glass dome- whatever you want to call it :)

5.  I've been making homemade ice cream since I bought a fancy new machine.  In one of my cookbooks I saw this cool antique ice cream scoop (it's actually from the 20s like my house) - I finally found one in semi-decent shape online.  Hopefully it lasts another million years

6.  If you read my last blog post you know that I challenged myself to give away 100 things by the end of the year.  Part of my donations were some of my plates - I've had black square plates for a while and decided I wanted to change it up for a classic white plate (the pantry line by Williams Sonoma).  

Well of course this led to me also buying chargers - I found these silver chargers at World Market and they were a great price.  I thought they were actually glass but they're I'm not sure how I feel about that since I'm trying to get plastic out of my house...but we'll see.  They are really pretty!

The blue plates are from Ikea a million years ago and the B&W patterned plates I also had from HGs.  Getting excited to set the table for the holidays!

7.  I decided I wanted my own cheese board and wanted to practice my photo styling...turns out my eyes were bigger than my stomach - this was a lot of food!  I love the board though - I got it on sale at Sur la Table.

8.  Random styling shots around the house with some of the finds from above.

I decided to organize my spices and bought these cute spice jars from Target.  The shelf is from HGs (it's actually one expandable shelf that I separated into two).  Only problem is they don't hold the same as a standard bottle and they fall over on the shelf causing an avalanche of glass spice bottles...sometimes I should learn to leave well enough alone :)

How cute is this macaron print taken by yours truly?  I just love how colorful and graphic it is.  I had a mat custom cut at Hobby Lobby and the frame I had from Michael's.  The little metal tin is actually a lunch box from World Market.  So adorable, can't wait to pack little snacks in it :)

9.  I'm realizing a lot of my random posts here are all about stuff I've bought...I'm the first to admit I'm a shopaholic but this is also me catching up (don't want ya thinking I bought all of this stuff in 1 weekend ;) )

10.  I decided to change the knobs on my dining room console table/buffet.  There was of course nothing wrong with the original ones but you know I can't leave well enough alone.  I combined some antique chandelier parts with some glass knobs from Hobby Lobby that I had in my knob stash (don't judge)

11.  I'm excited about Thanksgiving this year even if we're doing something different than what we usually do.  Time to make new traditions I say...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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