Sunday, October 26, 2014

Making Lemonade (a DIY framing project)

So, I have a thing for frames.  Always have.  But right now I especially love old antique frames with lots of carving and molding details.  Like these:

They can be expensive...and they usually have awful old paintings in them (you definitely have to look past that because it's super easy to switch them out for art you love).

A while back I bought a really pretty seascape painting from an auction.  The original frame was okay but it was pretty boring.  It also had a faux speckle paint job.  I decided I wanted to find a more ornate frame for it.

I searched everywhere for the correct sized frame but couldn't find one. I did however find a larger frame.  So...I did the next best thing - I asked my father how I could combine them.  

I'm all ideas...he handles the measuring and cutting because precision is not my super power.

Here's the two frames after the plain one was cut down (he used a table saw...I think...all I know is I would cut my arm off if I tried to do it).

I used E6000 and some clamps to glue the pieces together.

I spray painted both frames to make sure I covered all of the fine details so the frames would look custom (and like they had always meant to be together).  Then, I added some depth to show off all of the details with some watered down black acrylic paint to act as antiquing medium.

Here's how she looks with all of her friends:

Here's to making lemonade when life gives you lemons ;)

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