Sunday, October 26, 2014

Holy Glare - My New Workspace

So, I posted about my fabulous DIY industrial workbench here - Workbench

I really loved how it turned out but found I wasn't really using it in the basement.  So, I did some swapping (happens quite frequently around here). I moved my old drafting table (that used to be in my 'art room') down to the basement as a work table and moved the workbench upstairs where my treadmill used to be... where does the ginormous treadmill go?  I'm stumped too.  For some reason I thought it could go in the closet where my art room was...but the thing is huge.  Once I realized this it was kind of the last thing I needed with everything else going on (including the realization that I was 'giving up' on the treadmill that everyone said I would never use and hadn't put getting healthy high enough on my priority list) and I had a bit of a breakdown...

Yup, so the treadmill is chilling in the corner right now and furniture and crap surrounds me in my office as I type this.  I was thinking I could move the treadmill to the basement in the finished off 1/4 of a room I have down there but the ceiling is maybe 6ft.   I'm 5'8 1/2" (used to be 5'9" apparently I need to add the fact that I'm shrinking to my list of crappy stuff to be worried about) that might put a damper on working know slamming your forehead into the ceiling as you run...

Anyway I digress...I do really love how the workbench looks in my office and I finallllly decided on framing for my Hawaii map - blueprints.  If you follow me on Instagram you know I've been researching and getting lots of quotes on custom framing and man people are crazy.  One woman wanted over $2,000 for the four prints.  So, I gave up on all of that and went to Target.  $34.99/each plus I have a redcard so I got 5% off too.  The look isn't exactly what I wanted but I think they look pretty awesome.

Now on to the holy glare:

Here's when you know you're crazy...when you trying to use packing tape to attach your good sheets to your dusty ceiling fan and your curtain rod to make a black backdrop to try to block out all of the reflections...yeah didn't work... please try to ignore :)

Here are a few close-up shots of the blueprint maps:

The triple-tiered rolling cart is from World Market, I LOVE all of their industrial-inspired stuff. Especially if you want an affordable (less rusty) reproduction of the real deal without all of the hunting.

Special thanks to my professional-frame-hanger (aka my father)...who did all of the math associated with hanging these frames perfectly in a grid (and only rolled his eyes once or twice during the process)!


Before I go - I also ventured out to Frederick this weekend because I thought it might be therapeutic to do some antiquing and take in the fall foliage on a long drive.  According to my phone I took almost 11,000 steps!  

Here are my finds, lovely reproduction glass knobs (I added them to my bar cabinet):

Can't seem to resist old silver...especially this interesting cake server? (totally guessing)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I can't believe it's over already :/


  1. Love your workspace! I believe your "cake server" is actually an old crumb pan, back when servers used to sweep tablecloths with a little brush & pan. Very sweet item!

    1. Thanks so much! & you're so right! Just saw a similar crumb pan on Etsy, can't believe they used something so ornate to sweep up crumbs on the table :)