Sunday, October 26, 2014

Holy Glare - My New Workspace

So, I posted about my fabulous DIY industrial workbench here - Workbench

I really loved how it turned out but found I wasn't really using it in the basement.  So, I did some swapping (happens quite frequently around here). I moved my old drafting table (that used to be in my 'art room') down to the basement as a work table and moved the workbench upstairs where my treadmill used to be... where does the ginormous treadmill go?  I'm stumped too.  For some reason I thought it could go in the closet where my art room was...but the thing is huge.  Once I realized this it was kind of the last thing I needed with everything else going on (including the realization that I was 'giving up' on the treadmill that everyone said I would never use and hadn't put getting healthy high enough on my priority list) and I had a bit of a breakdown...

Yup, so the treadmill is chilling in the corner right now and furniture and crap surrounds me in my office as I type this.  I was thinking I could move the treadmill to the basement in the finished off 1/4 of a room I have down there but the ceiling is maybe 6ft.   I'm 5'8 1/2" (used to be 5'9" apparently I need to add the fact that I'm shrinking to my list of crappy stuff to be worried about) that might put a damper on working know slamming your forehead into the ceiling as you run...

Anyway I digress...I do really love how the workbench looks in my office and I finallllly decided on framing for my Hawaii map - blueprints.  If you follow me on Instagram you know I've been researching and getting lots of quotes on custom framing and man people are crazy.  One woman wanted over $2,000 for the four prints.  So, I gave up on all of that and went to Target.  $34.99/each plus I have a redcard so I got 5% off too.  The look isn't exactly what I wanted but I think they look pretty awesome.

Now on to the holy glare:

Here's when you know you're crazy...when you trying to use packing tape to attach your good sheets to your dusty ceiling fan and your curtain rod to make a black backdrop to try to block out all of the reflections...yeah didn't work... please try to ignore :)

Here are a few close-up shots of the blueprint maps:

The triple-tiered rolling cart is from World Market, I LOVE all of their industrial-inspired stuff. Especially if you want an affordable (less rusty) reproduction of the real deal without all of the hunting.

Special thanks to my professional-frame-hanger (aka my father)...who did all of the math associated with hanging these frames perfectly in a grid (and only rolled his eyes once or twice during the process)!


Before I go - I also ventured out to Frederick this weekend because I thought it might be therapeutic to do some antiquing and take in the fall foliage on a long drive.  According to my phone I took almost 11,000 steps!  

Here are my finds, lovely reproduction glass knobs (I added them to my bar cabinet):

Can't seem to resist old silver...especially this interesting cake server? (totally guessing)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I can't believe it's over already :/

Making Lemonade (a DIY framing project)

So, I have a thing for frames.  Always have.  But right now I especially love old antique frames with lots of carving and molding details.  Like these:

They can be expensive...and they usually have awful old paintings in them (you definitely have to look past that because it's super easy to switch them out for art you love).

A while back I bought a really pretty seascape painting from an auction.  The original frame was okay but it was pretty boring.  It also had a faux speckle paint job.  I decided I wanted to find a more ornate frame for it.

I searched everywhere for the correct sized frame but couldn't find one. I did however find a larger frame.  So...I did the next best thing - I asked my father how I could combine them.  

I'm all ideas...he handles the measuring and cutting because precision is not my super power.

Here's the two frames after the plain one was cut down (he used a table saw...I think...all I know is I would cut my arm off if I tried to do it).

I used E6000 and some clamps to glue the pieces together.

I spray painted both frames to make sure I covered all of the fine details so the frames would look custom (and like they had always meant to be together).  Then, I added some depth to show off all of the details with some watered down black acrylic paint to act as antiquing medium.

Here's how she looks with all of her friends:

Here's to making lemonade when life gives you lemons ;)

Spilling My Guts & Some DR Updates

Well folks, life has just gotten in the way of blogging lately.  Between a lot of added hours and stress at my day job, financial stress and not taking care of my health (I got on the scale and it was the highest number I've everrrrr seen) I just haven't made blogging a priority.  Or finishing DIY projects for that matter. I've just been feeling really overwhelmed and down lately and I definitely don't want this blog to turn into a pity party or anything...

I'm really trying to get into the holiday spirit already thinking about how I want to decorate, what I want to cook for my Christmas eve meal, etc.  

I decided to make a few updates to my dining room which really gets the most action during the holidays.  Do you use your DR on the regular?  

Originally, I thought about searching for an antique sideboard to revamp (one with more storage).  When I say 'thought about' what I mean is I searched Craigslist, etc frequently but just couldn't pony up the dough. Instead I decided to search for some industrial baskets to put on the bottom shelf since I really didn't like the cloth bins I had there, it was just too much black on black on black.  

I was out with my parents and my mom spotted this awesome wall shelf/bin thing at HomeGoods - which when turned on its side made the perfect bin setup for under my sideboard/buffet.

Sunset / Sunrise shots from my recent trip to Maui and Kauai

A few more styling shots from the bar area


I also reworked the storage inside my armoire in my DR.  Originally, I planned to use it as a coat closet since there isn't one in my house but it's not deep enough and pretty far from the front door.

Here's the blank slate:

I thought about building some wood shelves but didn't really want to jack up this bajillion year old piece of furniture (although if you're a purist you're probably already thinking I ruined it by painting it..)  Trust me it's not a priceless heirloom or anything.  

I found the shelf system on Amazon and it arrived quickly (Prime is pretty dangerous):

Here's the finished organized space - yes that's a tennis I don't play tennis but yet I still have it...its amazing how much stuff I fit in there all in a jumble before adding the shelf...but at least I can see everything now.  

Yes, those are all table runners...feel free to tackle me if you see me pondering another table runner :)


Finally, (yes there's more!)  I have a 10 second DIY for you - I'm pretty fanatical about plastic wrap/foil/storage bags, etc.  I hate having a million boxes.  

Using command strips I attached a heavy plastic magazine file (also from Amazon) to the inside of one of my cabinets (since I don't have a proper pantry).

Voila!  Wrap storage - easy access without having to root around in a drawer.

Have you made any life-changing organizational changes in your space?  I'd love to hear about them!