Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm back and an Etsy Sale!

So, I'm back from vacation (I went to Hawaii - if you follow me on Instagram I was probably driving you nuts with millions of photos).  It was beautiful, of course.  But it went by so quickly that I really am struggling to remember it!  I realized during this trip that I really need to figure out how to relax.  I'm always on the go...definitely not good.

I also realized my house is pretty cluttered and dark.  I'll be the first to admit I went through a phase of painting everything black...okay maybe it was a decade...

So, I'm working on lightening things up  (stay tuned for some DIY projects for sure!) and donating/selling stuff that I've (begrudgingly) convinced myself I can live without.  I'm a collector (borderline hoarder) by nature so not being surrounded by things I love just wouldn't be me. 

To that point - I've done some mark downs (probably about a 1/3 of the items) in the Etsy Shop.  

Hopefully this weekend I'll post a few new photos from Hawaii, some of my finds (nothing antique/vintage, sorry - that's just not their thing there) and a DIY project that I worked on before I left.  

Is it the weekend yet?  (jet lag has made me really cranky this week!)


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