Sunday, August 10, 2014

PA Antiquing and Pottery Barn Ledges

So, I have to say PA usually is the best place to find good antique shops. They've just got an abundance of good old junk.  One of my favorite spots is Adamstown / Reinholds.  It's a bit of a hike from Baltimore but I usually don't come back with an empty trunk. 

Here's what I found on my last trip:

I just love drawers, I hit the jackpot at one antique mall.  I removed the tags and scrubbed/scraped this one and now it has a great industrial look to it, I love it.  

I love hammered metal - I picked up this bowl at the Pottery Barn outlet - if you haven't been you really should make it a priority :)

I never seem to find something if I'm looking for it when antiquing...but for once I found exactly what I was looking for - I needed an unusual-sized frame and walked around the store with my little tape measure until I stumbled across this beauty...she was actually on the floor and had an old antique mirror and at $20 plus 20% off...I was elated.  I love all of the carved detail and once I added a coat of paint she looks amazing...

Here's a tip...when looking for interesting frames...don't worry about what's can always find ways to remove it (sorry if you like this quote/paper cutting...I did recycle it at least :/)

After a coat of silver paint and some black for antiquing:

I needed the frames to finish off a few vintage seascape paintings I had that needed better frames.  I also had wanted the rustic wood ledges from Pottery Barn forever.

Here's how my gallery wall used to look:

Here's with the ledges added:

I love that I can switch out paintings and other art/objects without leaving a mess on the walls like this (just keeping it real :) ):


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