Sunday, August 3, 2014

DIY Giant Bottle Lamp

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this photo of a ginormous blue bottle/vase in the clearance section at HomeGoods.  My eyes lit up when I saw it but I talked myself out of 'needing' it. Well...the next day I drove back hoping it was still there and it was! 

I thought it would be just perfect as a lamp.  Now, when all is said and done would it be cheaper to just buy a lamp??   Of course, but where's the fun in that?

There are lots of DIY tutorials out there to convert bottles into lamps - mine is fairly easy.

I searched for cork lamp kits and found this one which was perfect(ish) for me:

Cork Lamp Adapter Kit  The price was right even with shipping, plus I had a coupon since I'm a member, the cord is clear which I love and all of the wiring is done for you.  Plus it has the part where you can hook a harp into it (sorry I don't know the technical term).  

Now if I had bought the green lamp I'd be done - pop the cork in and install the harp and shade and you're all set.  But clearly I don't like easy.  My bottle's opening was way too big for the cork.  Which I knew going into it so I needed to figure out a way to hold the cork in the opening without it falling over.

Enter cork tape.  Yes, there is such a thing.  I went to HobbyLobby during lunch one day to see if they had any large corks that I could use. Instead I found cork tape.  Genius.  I think it was $5.99 plus I used the 40% off coupon.  Score.

So, the tape is really wide which is perfect and it's got adhesive on the know like tape.

I wrapped the cork adapter a few times making sure to keep the same shape as the original cork.  I put everything together and was pretty proud of my work.  The next day I hear this loud noise downstairs and I was pretty sure we were being invaded.  

Turns out the cork had popped out of the bottle knocking the shade off the bottle and on to the floor.  It was like the bottle didn't want to be a lamp or something.

So, I used my trusty E6000 glue (just a small amount) and voila...perfection. Now are the proportions ridiculous for my desk?  Of course, I'm not a fool. But I still really love it.  The tape dispenser, stapler and tray are all from Poppin

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Hope you have a great week!