Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eleven Things Volume 18: Closet Tour and an Etsy Find

1.  I know I've shown my closet room before but I was in there styling this cute little shelf with a print I'm obsessed with that I found on Etsy.  I just adore anything beachy/coastal and I thought this was such a cute little print.  I've mentioned this artist before you can find her here on her website or search for her name on Etsy -> LilyandVal  

Here's the print in case you can't see it well next to my DIY Marquee Letter:

I found the frame at Target - it has a cool wood finish with an inset of silvery metal. 

2.  Since I was in my closet I took a few shots around - if you click on the photos and scroll through it almost looks like a 360 degree tour of the room.  Sorry for the orange glow - that's the sunlight pouring through my drapes.



3.  I also worked on a small DIY project - I picked up this drawer while we were at the Country Living Fair in June.  It was fine as-is (it's sort of green with the original pull on it).  But I decided to use some paint I had along with a cool reproduction pull I found on Signature Hardware's site.  I really like the results so much better than how it looked when I found it...

Here's the 'after':

4.  I bought a new mattress (finally) on July 4th.  So far it's pretty good.  I mean it's not life-changing or anything (like I thought it would be)...I bought a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme.  

5.  Good Lord mattresses are expensive...I know I needed one (mine was a million years old)...but still...not nearly as exciting to lay down thousands of dollars for a mattress vs some sapphires and diamonds ;)

6.  My crepe myrtle has started to bloom outside my closet room the purple-y pink color:

7.  There's a dog that barks in my neighborhood...alllll day...every day.  I know this from working from home occasionally.  I mean wouldn't you just want to lay down and relax at some point.  Relish in the fact that you don't have any bills to pay or work to worry about??

8.  Yes I'm envious of a dog...

9.  This is my sixth blog post today...I've been working 50-60 hours/week at my 'day job' so I've had to cram in as much blogging on Sundays as I can...hope you don't mind :)

10.  I really can't wait to just sit on a lanai and take photos and feel the breeze...

11.  26 days until my vacation...agggh I feel like it's going to fly by but I have some really nerve-wracking stuff happening before then, wish me luck!  


PA Antiquing and Pottery Barn Ledges

So, I have to say PA usually is the best place to find good antique shops. They've just got an abundance of good old junk.  One of my favorite spots is Adamstown / Reinholds.  It's a bit of a hike from Baltimore but I usually don't come back with an empty trunk. 

Here's what I found on my last trip:

I just love drawers, I hit the jackpot at one antique mall.  I removed the tags and scrubbed/scraped this one and now it has a great industrial look to it, I love it.  

I love hammered metal - I picked up this bowl at the Pottery Barn outlet - if you haven't been you really should make it a priority :)

I never seem to find something if I'm looking for it when antiquing...but for once I found exactly what I was looking for - I needed an unusual-sized frame and walked around the store with my little tape measure until I stumbled across this beauty...she was actually on the floor and had an old antique mirror and at $20 plus 20% off...I was elated.  I love all of the carved detail and once I added a coat of paint she looks amazing...

Here's a tip...when looking for interesting frames...don't worry about what's can always find ways to remove it (sorry if you like this quote/paper cutting...I did recycle it at least :/)

After a coat of silver paint and some black for antiquing:

I needed the frames to finish off a few vintage seascape paintings I had that needed better frames.  I also had wanted the rustic wood ledges from Pottery Barn forever.

Here's how my gallery wall used to look:

Here's with the ledges added:

I love that I can switch out paintings and other art/objects without leaving a mess on the walls like this (just keeping it real :) ):


Terrain Shop

I can't remember how I found this shop but I've ordered online from them before and I couldn't wait to check them out in person.  The shop is really really cute.  

Most of the larger furniture pieces (and stuff I really really wanted) was out of my price range but it was so nice walk around snap a few shots of the beautiful items for sale.  

Think Anthropologie meets a really cool garden shop...

If you're ever in the area definitely check them out, they have two stores:


DIY Vintage Earring Conversion

Clearly I have a lot to say today :)

So, I've been meaning to post this project for a while now - it's no secret that I love vintage and antique shopping.  I really love vintage jewelry - they really don't make 'em like they used to.  

I've bought a few pairs of clip on or screw on earrings in the past and they're just not comfortable to wear.  My ears are pierced so I figured I'd try to convert them.  Now I wouldn't do this with priceless heirlooms or anything but these earrings were all relatively inexpensive so I gave it a go.

It's super super simple - here are the materials needed:

  • Earring post/backing hardware (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Sanding block
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Kobalt snippers

The first step is to snip off the backing (whether it's a screw on or clip on).  The Kobalt ones really are the best, they take minimal effort and cut really well.  Sand down the sharp edges. 

Use a bit of the E6000 *outside with fresh air* on the backs of the earring.  Pull off any remaining strings and let dry.  Voila you're done!  I find that I'm wearing my vintage earrings a lot more now that they're more comfortable to wear.  I hope you try this project out too :)


Dining Room Chair Revamp

So I am one of those people that uses my dining room maybe once or twice a year.  But I still really really like having a 'formal' dining room.  Plus, let's be real it's really just another excuse to decorate with lots of shades of blue and store my blue glass collection :)

My dining room table and chairs were a house warming gift from my parents (side note next month will be my SEVEN year anniversary in my house...crazzzzy)

The chairs and table are actually more bar-height which is good since I'm tall (5'9").  The chairs were covered in an off-white microsuede.  Which is perfectly fine but I wanted to jazz them up...

You may remember I was sourcing fabric a while back and captured this Instagram photo:

Well, I chose this fabric - Waverly Marin Matelasse Sailor  It's funny because it's the fabric I fell in love with first but I still ordered $30 worth of fabric samples to make sure...well at least I have them next time I want to source fabric.  

Now you know when you're on websites and they say 'you might also like' well I usually don't like the things they pick out that they're sure I'd like...but they just showed this fabric and I love would be great for a blanket/throw (Mom if you're reading this...your sewing skills are much better than mine):

Anyway, back to my dining room chairs :)

So, I removed the chair pads and used them as a guide to cut the fabric.  I didn't remove the original fabric or cushion, they're in great shape.  I just pulled the fabric around and stapled in place.  

Now, here's where it got tricky...unfortunately since I used upholstery-weight fabric (which I definitely would recommend for durability) the screws aren't reaching to the wood under the chair we had to upgrade the screws (longer and wide to really grab into the wood).  Consult an expert here if you're not sure (my expert=my father). 

Anyway, I love how they turned out.  I know black/dark blue (plus the greeney-blue on my accent walls and drapes) - isn't a color combination that works for everyone...but it does for me :)

One more shameless shot of my blue glass with the light shining through it:

While we're in the dining room I also wanted to share that we hung the antique wood pediment that I found with my Mom at the Country Living Fair 2014.

Here you can see the before of what the colors looked like and then after I cleaned and oiled the wood:

Yes, there is a crack...the joys of owning an old house :)  Better get out the spackle!

Now I feel like this wall has way too much going on so I'm thinking about scaling back...

BTW, we hung the pediment using the corner brackets, just screw one side into the wood leaving the small bit of metal showing and then use that to screw into the wall.

Have you finished up any DIY projects lately? My to-do list keeps growing it seems :)