Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fresh Finds

Yes, I'm binge blogging...such is life :)

Hopefully, you're keeping up with me - I'm only about halfway through all the stuff I want to blog about (don't worry this is it for tonight...)

My last post reminded me that I hadn't shared the stuff I brought back from Hawaii and my finds from the past few weeks, so if you're interested, keep scrolling :)

Here's what I brought back from Hawaii:

My growler from Kona Brewing Co (before it was chopped up)

I actually found a little vintage shop where I bought the key and two spreaders - this was on the Big Island.  

On Maui and the Big Island I found these really fun bracelets - the black and white one is actually made from a type of nut and I bought it on our Road to Hana trip.

I love this big spoon, I think it's traditionally used for rice but I just thought the shape was so cool.  The little wood dish is shaped like a flower - you can find these on most of the islands in little souvenir shops.

Did a I need a little tiki shot glass?  No, of course not....but I kind of think he's amazing...

These earrings are actually made out of real flower petals - I brought my mom back the exact same pair.  They're super light and of course I love the colors.


I found this trophy online and filled it with patriotic flowers for Memorial day weekend:


I had to travel to Rhode Island for work a few times in the past month or so and on the last trip I had about an hour before I needed to be at the airport, I knew there were a bunch of antique stores in RI so I googled one and made my way over there.  I figured I could get over there in no time and be back at the airport with plenty of time to spare...yeah not so much when you're heading towards Boston on 95 during rush hour on a Friday (I wonder if I have sense sometimes...but I couldn't give up on the antiquing!)

I found this great ladle/serving spoon and it was only $6 (I could get used to this)...then it ended up being on sale for 50% off...get the heck outta town...
Then, while I was being rung up I turned around and realized there's a downstairs.  What the...to which the woman behind the counter informed me "Oh you just have to go downstairs everyone ends up buying so much from downstairs."  Thanks, as if I need help spending money... ;)

Well, she was right...look what I found and nearly snatched up like my life depended on it...20% off too <3

Definitely one of my favorites...of all time...which means I need to sell one from my collection to make room...so snap if it up if you're interested:  Trophy


Finally, (I swear this time) I needed a stool for my workbench downstairs.  I really wanted one that was in the same industrial style as the pipe base.  I searched online but anything that I liked was way out of my price range - seriously $700 for a stool??  I ended up ordering this one from Joss and Main

It was still on the pricey side but it seems pretty solid and I love the distressing they did on it.  It looks really authentic without having to buy an old stool with a wood top that's surely going to give you splinters.  I did oil the top just to help with wear but it's pretty amazing right out of the box (it was actually waiting for me when I got back from Hawaii if you remember the Instagram photo I posted of boxes and mail stacked up)

Speaking of Instagram - did you see my fabric sample bonanza I posted last night?  I'm picking fabric to recover my dining room chairs...fabulous choices, huh?  So excited!

That's it for me, hope you've enjoyed my random ramblings tonight :)

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