Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fabulous Fabrikors

Like most young people I bought a lot of my furniture from Ikea during my high school and college years.  Since I bought my house I've gravitated towards thrifting and antique furniture simply because I feel it's built to last and I don't mind putting in the work to make it mine.  Nothing against Ikea - they have so many choices and great price points.  I just like unique furniture in my house that tells a story with great bones.

I've been wanting to replace the two black cabinets in my living room for a while.  I bought them from Home Decorators Collection and they've never been that sturdy...one actually leans...and they weren't cheap either...grrr.

I really wanted two antique dental/medicine supply cabinets but a) they're super expensive and b) they're hard to find a pair.  

Enter the Fabrikors...they come in three colors...I bought the dark gray.  I had every intention of trying to strip the powder coating finish off to reveal the industrial metal beneath.

Image courtesy of Ikea.com

Until I waged war with my fellow Marylanders on a summer Saturday (yes I'm an idiot and went on a Saturday) and waited in line forever to buy them...then dragged them to the way-way-way back of the parking lot (and if you've been to Ikea you know how their carts are...you feel like it is walking you). 

Nevermind that it started pouring as soon as I walked outside...then prove all the people wrong that you feel are staring at you in disbelief as you fit four giant boxes into your tiny 'sports car'.  Then, carry said boxes up a flight of stairs and spend hours putting them together to prove...you don't need a man to build things for you.  Ahem.  

Yeah, so after that there was no way I was spending days stripping the paint off these suckers...they look PERFECT just the way they are...for now anyway :)

I really enjoyed styling the shelves...but man are they hard to photograph...glare central...hopefully you get the jist :)

This photo just reminded me that I didn't share my finds from Hawaii yet...oops.  So, I brought this glass growler back in my carry-on from Hawaiian brewery - Kona Brewing Co.  I went on the tour there and had an amazing time and this is a really special souvenir from my trip.  I had a company in Frederick cut the top off and make it into a candle, after it burned I added flowers and I just love that it's a constant reminder of my trip. 

If you're keeping track of my junk - here's where the vintage globe-things moved to from the living room ;)

Have a great week!

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