Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CountryLiving Fair in Rhinebeck 2014

So, I know I'm behind on posting this - but I wanted to share my experience (and amazing finds!) from the CountryLiving Fair in Rhinebeck NY earlier this month.

My wonderful mother made the road trip with me to NY and we were blessed with amazing weather!  We bought the early bird tickets so we could enter early on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but we ended up only going on Friday.  

I was really surprised, I was expecting a stampede at the gate (like the Lucketts Spring Market) but there really weren't that many people and some of the vendors were even still setting up as we walked around.  

There were a lot of food vendors at the front of the fair and then all of the vintage/antique/crafts - sellers were in converted barn/stalls.  All in all we had a really great time and I'd definitely do it again.

My tips:

  • Going early is key to grab the good stuff (just like any other flea market) but I don't think you'd need to plan to be there all three days.  We drove by later in the day and the parking lot was packed.  
  • I didn't sit in on any of the demonstrations but I did see Cari from HGTV's Cash and Cari - if you're interested in these make sure to check out the schedule so you can plan your day accordingly
  • Have lots of cash - some of the vendors didn't accept credit cards or you had to go buy vouchers which can be a pain
  • There are a few holding spots where you can store larger purchases until you're ready to leave (you give your name and they gave you a ticket to hold on to)
  • Although everyone said they encouraged bargaining/haggling - I asked a couple times and no one was really budging on their prices (it was the first day though)
  • We brought one of those folding shopping carts with us (that some people use for groceries) and I feel like it was really helpful for carrying small stuff 
Here are my Instagram shots from the fair and around town:

Now for the exciting part...here's what I brought home:

How amazing is this window??  I've been wanting an antique window for a while and I really loved the diamond pattern on this one.  My plan was to knock down some of the chippy paint and maybe add some other colors...but once I started scraping a lot of the 'caulking' starting falling apart (my mother tried to warn me and I didn't listen)...one pane of glass even fell out but I was able to install it again.  So...instead I focused on cleaning it up and enjoying the beautiful wood side of the window for now.  

You would not believe what this wood pediment looks like now - I cleaned it up and added some oil and it's so bright...maybe too bright it looks like it came off of a carousel or something :/  I might have to tone it down but I plan to hang it in my dining room.  I just love the wave design and the blue paint.  

The original hardware on the window...it cleaned up amazingly well :)

Great additions to my brooch collection - we actually found one of these in a nearby antique mall.  My mom also purchased this vintage manicure set - how cool is this?

A few of the items on the right hand side of the group photo were actually from a store called Hammertown Barn - loved this store.  How can you not need hexagon-shaped ice cubes??

My mom and I got matching Christmas ornaments, I <3 glittery little houses. 

I'm obsessed with this bottle and had no idea how expensive they are online. I bought it at the Coxsackie Antique center.  They always have cool stuff.  I love that it says sunset since I'm obsessed with chasing sunsets and the glass is the perfect shade of blue.  

How could I pass up this banged up old drawer? I couldn't so it's now part of my drawer collection.  Yes, that's a real thing.  I couldn't pass up the measuring tape-inspired bracelets either, just so me.  

The scale is a bit off for the table but I like it...and that's really all that matters right??

Stay tuned I have so much more to share from the past few weeks...months....agggh I can't keep up :)


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