Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jewelry Organization and a few finds

Final post for the night...I'm on a roll :)

I'm crazy about jewelry...and all accessories really.  I love jewelry boxes but I prefer to have everything displayed so that I can see what I have and actually wear it. 

I've stored my necklaces and bracelets on the back of my closet door from the beginning but I had most of my necklaces on hooks.  I decided to add another curtain rod (you can pick this one up at Target for about $13) so that I could line all of the beads up by color and see everything.

I decided to leave a few of the hooks for some of my necklaces that wouldn't hang well from the rod....please pardon the holes that need to be patched still :/

Now...this isn't a perfect system...these gemstone beads are heavy.  Hence the pillow under the necklaces for the first week while I make sure the brackets aren't going to fall all of the necklaces don't have clasps so some of them I'll have to remove in order to wear them.  (same goes with my bangles though and so far it works well enough).

How do you store your jewelry? Do you like everything out too so you can see it?


Finally, I wanted to share a few of my other finds from the last two weeks...I found this awesome rug at HomeGoods...I absolutely love the color.  Do I need a rug in my bedroom on top of the wall-to-wall?  Of course not...but I couldn't pass it up...It was only $19.99

I dragged my parents to an antique mall a few weekends ago and found this amazing little blue glass covered dish...I'm pretty sure I would have knocked over anyone that got in my it.  

I also picked up another silver spreader (because you can clearly never have too many) and I found the blue glass decanter on eBay. 

So, that's it my friends...hopefully it won't be weeks before I blog I'm off to watch Scandal...thank goodness I didn't give that up for lent ;)

Have a great weekend!

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