Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boxes and Drawers

Happy Thursday!

I'm so far behind in blogging...I've been working on a lot of projects but haven't posted any...first of all - are you participating in Lent this year?

I'm not catholic but I do like the idea of challenging myself to give up something that I really love or am addicted for me - I'm giving up shopping (gasp) and soda.  It's the end of day 1 (I started today)...and I'm pretty miserable...hopefully it gets better...I had someone tell me they have all of the faith in the world in me...except for the idea that I could give up shopping for a little over 40 days.  That got to now I'm determined to prove them wrong.  

In other news...I booked my birthday vacation trip to....HAWAII...I'm beyond thrilled...I can't wait. First things first, I need to find a camera repair shop because my beloved Canon 60D is having some may notice some blurry shots...I don't know what her deal is... I haven't been to an estate sale in a million years...and I saw one that looked was pretty much a bust but I did find this cool old wooden drawer and box (that I made into a drawer).  I bought the old paint brush too - it's for sale on Miss Mustard Seed Pages.  

I added a coat of walnut stain and some knobs from Anthropologie and voila...great additions to my (growing) collection of old drawers to house some of my art supplies.  The small box I drilled a hole in the center for the knob and for the larger drawer the existing hole was so low and the face was in bad shape so I drilled a hole in the opposite end and added the new knob.  

I found this great old apothecary drawer on Etsy - the knob is really cool it has threads and actually screws into the wood.  I'm not sure what cretcall is...hopefully nothing sketchy...

I bought this metal tray from the same seller - I love how it looks on the coffee table with the mirror and blue glass.


As if I don't have enough boxes...I found this cute little silver box at Marshalls and it was the perfect size to add my geodes I found at Urban Outfitters.  I've seen similar boxes sell for ridiculous money - this is an easy way to get the look for less - the geodes were about $6 each and I glued them down using E6000 (you can find it at most craft stores).  

The other two boxes are from HomeGoods.  There was a grand opening for a HomeGoods in my state so I decided to get up early last Sunday and head over there....out.of.control.  People are nuts.  That is all...

Finally...I decided that my utensils in the kitchen were getting out of control and I was on a mission to find an eclectic mix of canisters to sort all of my utensils.  I decided I wanted faux mercury glass...which in hindsight is probably not smart because it's not the most durable material....but we'll see how it goes...

Sources:  First two (Pottery Barn), second two (Crate and Barrel), Mosaic vase (Safeway floral dept), Silvered faux bois vase (Target from back in the day), Swirled mercury glass on the end (HomeGoods).

Stay tuned...I have a few more projects to share :)

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