Saturday, February 15, 2014

President's Day Etsy Sale!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend - I don't get a lot of holidays off - but we are off on Monday for Presidents day so I'm pretty excited...

Now if we could just melt the (over a foot) snow that we got this week...ugh...looking forward to (hopefully) getting out of the house this weekend.

I am working on a few projects and lots of organization so hopefully I'll have some fun posts to share next week.

In the meantime - we're having a sale in the Etsy shop - 10% off any orders over $25.  Use code PRESDAY10 at checkout.  

Happy Presidents Day!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Office Dresser Reveal...Finally

Phew...I figured I'd better get this one posted before this snowmaggedon hits...especially since I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seat waiting to see it....

Well, here's the before...I won't spend a lot of time get it...

We cut the old apron off and ripped it down so it was a straight piece and a little more modern. We also cut the sides/legs off....and here's where I was in a panic because it stayed like this for a few weeks...

This dresser was my mom's and mine as a kid.  It wasn't fancy...and I had redone it before....but I wanted to try something else with it...

I swear I took photos of the dresser as I was prying the old tile off but I can't find them...they weren't that interesting anyway...just messy....and loud :)

Then, we added some support underneath so that we could attach these cool plates (you can find them at Lowes next to the legs) - we also re-used some of the old wood as a spacer/more support...

I've talked about tiling/mosaics before in this post - M is for Mosaic basically you want to choose your tile - I chose a marble mosaic from Lowes - I think it was $11 or $12 a sheet.   

Spread on mastic (tile adhesive) - lay your tile - clean off any adhesive that might have gotten on the tile (grout will stick to it)

Wait 24 hours...grout over the tile....andddd you're done! (sounds easy huh? :) ) 

This may drive you crazy...the un-eveness of it all.  It doesn't bother me too much - it seems to happen with mosaic sheets (where the tile is already attached to a mesh backing) - if it drives you crazy you can peel them off the backing and lay

This is the tough part...getting the grout along the edges...I say a lot of choice words during this part of the process....


I used a new paint called Velvet Finishes in Timeless.  I also purchased a smaller container of Handsome but it had a bit of a greener-blue look to me so I'll use that on another project. 

Next..I decided to try O'verlays.  Have you heard of them?  They're panels that you can use to customize furniture - most of their pieces are made to fit Ikea pieces perfectly - but in my case they created custom-sized panels to fit my dresser.

My O'verlays are the Gracie style - I thought they looked pretty classic.  They're having a Valentine's day sale too - 15% off...they have tons of ideas on their site too - you could use O'verlays to jazz up a mirror, closet door panels...ceilings...tons of possibilities.

My makeshift drying rack...

Now, here's where I panicked again because I used too much Liquid nails to attach the O'verlays to the dresser front - they warn against this in the directions...btw.  But I persevered don't you worry...

I wanted to have an accent color so I used the navy paint from my Master Bedroom in the center circles.  I lined up the O'verlays and drew the inside circles...this was a great plan until the liquid nails seeped out and I had to paint over it....sheesh. 

So, I still have some work to do on touch-ups and painting more of the drawers.  But I wanted to share the mostly-finished product since I've been talking about it for-EVER.

Now...I will commence with a million beauty shots of the finished dresser:

Hope you have a great week!
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Well, I probably sound like a broken record by now - but the dresser project is still in the works.  I hope to share it in the next few weeks once everything is ironed out.  I'm really excited about it though and I hope it turns out as amazing as my vision.

In the meantime...I worked on a few DIY projects last week and wanted to share them - they both involve glitter...

I created this little glittered vase by repurposing a Bath and Body Works glass jar candle (in hindsight it would be so much easier to just buy a glass vase for this project...unless you enjoy trying to remove wax from glass...for-ever...but hey it was free!)

I used elmer's glue and created a wavy band of glue then sprinkled on german glass glitter - if you haven't used this stuff it's pretty cool but sharp (it's made of ground glass) so be careful.  It's also pretty expensive so you'll want to collect as much as possible to resuse.  This type of glitter will tarnish over time - since the vase was free I'm letting it go to see how it looks - but you could add a clear coat over the top to try to preserve the color. 


Next, I used some glitter 'fabric' from HobbyLobby to create this quick and cheerful little bunting/garland for over my desk in my office.  I'm not sure I'll leave here it permanently but it's a nice festive update. 

I made it by cutting out rectangles from the fabric paper, folding them over some silver cording and gluing down - then you just cut the triangle out of the bottom and you're good to go...

The photos aren't the best - it's so hard to shoot my desk area since the light coming in from the window is so strong...

I bought another GlassyBaby votive - my collection is growing :)  I told myself I wouldn't buy another one until I've lost 10 lbs so that's going to be my motivation and I'm going to try to stick with it!  Here's how they look in the living room - I'm planning on lining them up on top of my faux fireplace mantel...


Finally, I tackled my Instagram collage project (from my 2014 project list).  I printed the photos from my Instagram account using Snapstagram.

The frame has a cool shadowbox look and I picked it up on sale at Michael's - they have a new line of frames that have mirrored details and lots of cool metals that would look great with black and white photos too. 

I really like how it turned out - I just love snapping sunset photos.  Hopefully, I'll get to capture some amazing shots in Hawaii this Spring (if I can make this dream trip a reality).

I'm thinking of adding this collage to my dresser-top styling once it's finished.  We shall see:)

Hope everyone is staying warm with all of these snow and ice storms we're having in the Northeast!