Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fresh Finds and a Little DIY

First of all, I'm so jealous of everyone that is off tomorrow.  I have to work and this weekend has just flown by.  I've barely made a dent in my crazy to-do list!

Anyway, enough complaining...

Last week I started working on eating better and even worked out (okay only once...but it's a start).  I told myself that if I lose at least 10 lbs I'll buy another glassybaby.  I think I'm going to start collecting them for special occasions, I love their beautiful colors (I have forever and lollypop so far). 

I have some major DIY projects in the works - I'm making progress on my 2014 List for sure.  Stay tuned...probably will be ready to post in a few weeks!

My Mom was nice enough to go with me to check out a vintage Navy desk in Frederick last weekend.  We also stopped in a few other little shops too - we found this amazing vintage blue glass candy dish...I LOVE it...

This is what happens when you bring ONE thing home, right? 


Here's the first I was so upset...I felt like I made a terrible mistake because the desk wasn't the size I thought it was and it looked ridiculous in my kitchen...and it was super-pricey...

Also...a tip from me to you...test out things when you're buying attached stools...especially when you see notes like this... can't sit on it unless it's bolted to the ground...what the bleep! Well...I moved on...and bought my 'island' casters to raise it up to usable height and to help with moving it around if I need to...(thanks to the lovely gentleman at Lowes last night who actually filed down the threads to get the washer and nut to fit). 

I also switched out the rug for a smaller rug in more muted tones (found this one at HomeGoods) I LOVE the island...I can't wait to use it for additional prep space (I currently have about 10 inches of usable counter space).

I stuck with mainly glass and metal bowls and measuring cups to keep everything looking light. 

I'll miss my table and chairs but I rarely used them in the six years I've had them (and they're just in the basement if I change my mind...I could furnish a few rooms with the furniture down there...I really should work on that).


You still with me?  Probably should have warned you this was going to be a long blog post...

I was looking for a box or something to add to my shelf with my Marquee Letter Knock-off DIY.  I was walking around HobbyLobby and spotted this paper mache bust / dressform.  I decided to decoupage it with the paper I found at PaperSource.

It's a really easy (but messy) process - the key is to make sure you have a good coat of mod podge on the form and on top of the paper.  I like to add another coat once everything is dry.

Here's the finished product, I love how it turned out :)

I know it doesn't seem like I'm doing better with spending...but I swear I'm trying...
I found this amazing mirrored camera at HomeGoods...for $8...I mean I tried to put it back...but at that price...I just couldn't...It's so me...

I found a place for my disco ball (leftover from the holidays)...
I found the most amazing seascape painting on Etsy...I have a new rule...if I want to buy something (that I don't need) I literally need to get excited when I see has to bring me joy in that goes on the 30-day-waitlist...
Meanwhile...I seem to have quite the collection now...Is there a collect-aholics-anonymous out there??
Finally...I needed a wreath for my front door since my Christmas one was overly Christmas-y.  I used to twist-ties to attach two wreaths I already had together...It's not perfect...but didn't cost me anything!

 Have a great week!

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