Saturday, December 21, 2013

PaintChip Art Update & Pantry Re-Org

I shared my paint chip art previously on the blog here --> Paint Chip Art (disclaimer - don't expect a lengthy DIY I just cut squares from paint chips using a paper punch and then used adhesive tabs to secure them to some matboard).  

I was happy with how the paint chip art turned out but I've had these transit letters I picked up in Seattle for a while and couldn't decide what I wanted to do with them.  I painted them light blue at one point and then just put them in my art cabinet and went on to another project.  Meanwhile...looking back at my Seattle post, I can't believe I paid $16 a piece for these letters...sheesh...

Well, I decided to strip them.  I use the canned stuff - you can pick it up at Lowes - just spray on and wait then scrape off...sounds easy, right?  Yeah it's a pain but it gets the job done for the most part. 

I glued them to the paint chip art and I am really happy with how it looks...from afar anyway...some of the clear glue shows behind the letters and it kind of drives me crazy...I swear in 2014 I'm going to vow to slow down and stop being so impatient...ugh..I digress...

I love the matte finish of the bare metal and some of the original paint finish showing on the edges.  


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I don't have a big fancy room for a pantry.  In fact, I don't have a pantry at all.  Apparently, that was a foreign concept back in the 20s...for years I used a small lazy-susan corner cabinet - but I didn't like reaching into the abyss and not really being able to see what I have.  

I decided to move my glasses/cups from the double cabinet next to the stove - to the corner cabinet above the lazy-susan then, moved the pans from that cabinet to the lower cabinet (lazy-susan).  You still with me?

It was life-changing...seriously...

Here she is in all her pantry:

Try to contain your jealousy :)  Well, it might be small but it's certainly organized which I love.  I'm trying to make the switch to all glass storage containers.  Just feel like they're safer for food storage and they look great too.  I picked up these giant ball jars at Target today - they were $5.99 each plus RedCard discounts and all that...

I've had the blue heritage ones for a while - they hold my chocolate chip assortment on the top shelf.  

I'm a long-time decanter.  If I could decant everything I buy into clear containers I would.  That popcorn container is driving me a little nuts just looking at this photo!

Here are my plastic pop-top containers - I'm going to donate them after the holidays with some other stuff I've decided to give away too.  They just take up too much room which I (clearly) don't have :)

Happy DIY-ing!

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