Saturday, December 21, 2013

Marquee Letter Knock-Off DIY

If you've followed this blog for even a post or two you've probably picked up on the fact that I'm obsessed with monograms, salvaged sign letters...really anything with an A on it...

I've been stalking these letters sold by Restoration Hardware forever - but they're just too much $$.  They are a great match to the real salvaged marquee letters though - you can also find some handmade ones on Etsy for around the same price.

I happened to be at Hobby Lobby (shocking I know) with a friend and saw a metal letter A...she asked me what I was going to do with it and I excitedly pulled up the photo of RH's letters on my phone.  She just shook her head and laughed (I get that a lot)...anyway...

Now it's not exactly like the letters I've been coveting but was a fraction of the price so I can live with it for now.

Kinda convenient I decided to do this project during the holidays so lights were fairly easy to find.  I wanted LEDs originally but the only ones I could find were plastic globes and I wasn't in to that.  I also picked up some command  hooks to try to organize the mess of wires in the back...

We drilled the holes with a giant drill bit (that's all I know about it sorry...I can get more details if you want though - just message me)  About 2" apart.  I say about because I jacked up the measurements which caused all of the holes to be slightly off...but when you're blinded by the light I don't think you can even tell ;)  

Couple of tips:

-Make sure you measure more seriously than I did
-Take out all the bulbs (they unscrew like light bulbs...b/c they are light bulbs) first - you'll then match the socket from the back to the bulb in the front
-You may need wire cutters / tin snips / pliers to bend some of the metal back around the holes if the bulbs don't fit
-This stuff is sharp - wear gloves if you're going to be manhandling the cut metal
-Start at the bottom of the letter in one corner and make sure the plug is the end you're starting with (so it's easier to plug in)
-For any lights you don't use - take the bulbs out and cover the openings with black electrical tape so they don't short out from dust or debris getting in there

Voila...the finished product!  Now I just need to invent an extension cord that has a detachable plug to fit behind my closet organizer...grrrr *details*

I love how it turned out!  Total cost for the project was under $40...not too shabby.  ($7 of that was a big container of tiny plastic command hooks which are totally optional).

I also did a mini-makeover of this wooden name thing I've had since I was a kid - I think we got it at an amusement park.  (See, I started young - loving everything with my name or initials on it)...

I used triple thick glaze again to set the glitter - you have to try it if you love to glitter anything, it really works.

Basically you brush on clear Elmer's, sprinkle glitter, let it dry then put on a coat or two of the triple thick glaze and the glitter it set.  

Happy DIY-ing!

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