Sunday, December 8, 2013

M is for Mosaic - DIY Tray

My parents recently renovated their screened in porch and made it into a sunroom / all season room.  My mom has been going for the 'Tuscan' look and chose a really amazing farm table from Pottery Barn as a starting point.

She also chose a great couch and small ottoman to complete the sitting area.  To finish off the look she purchased an unfinished wood tray to put on top of the ottoman for drinks.  This is where I come in - she asked me to run with it. 

I pretty much had free reign with the project but I definitely wanted it to look like it matched the decor in the sunroom.

Here's a shot of the before of the tray (along with the link if you'd like to purchase one):

I started by staining the tray - I used Minwax in Dark Walnut - this is my go-to stain when I want a nice rich brown color. 

I decided I wanted to mosaic the tray and put something personal in the center - I looked everywhere for monogrammed tiles but couldn't find any.  I finally found this great (heavy) trivet on Amazon (Trivet) which works perfectly since it's meant to hold cold and hot things. 


I got to work breaking up the tile (sorry forgot to take a before shot of the tile...)

Then, you start arranging the tile - I back-buttered almost all of the tile since I was working in such a small space.  I started by attaching the trivet with mastic (that's the tile adhesive). 

I taped off the sides and eventually the trivet - twice (once when I was doing the tile-laying - then I removed that tape to let the adhesive dry - if you skip this step the tape will pull up the adhesive and possibly the tile when you remove it).  I then re-taped while I was grouting and again removed it before everything dried. 

I had to pick something round...

Sorry for the flash photography - I was working on this project at shots are coming up :)

This would be the reason why you're supposed to cover your entire work surface...sheesh....

Here's the finished product!

It was hard to get the grout line perfect (as you can see in this photo) with the sides of the tray but all in all I like how it turned out.  More importantly, my mom really liked it :)

Stay tuned - I plan to post a few more blog posts tonight!

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