Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Shopping in NYC 2013

I decided to brave the crowds and venture to NYC on Saturday.  First of all - let me say I'm glad I chose Saturday and not Sunday considering it's snowing and quite icy out today. 

I mainly stayed around Madison Ave, Times Square, Broadway, etc.  I had lunch at Trump Towers which was really fun (until you get the bill of course!)  I must have walked at least 6 or 7 miles yesterday - I'm definitely feeling it today ;)

Here are my Instagram shots from yesterday:

Here are a few more shots I took around the city - when I was able to strong-arm my way through the crowds in front of all of the beautiful holiday windows of course ;) 

Times Square - Day & Night

The TREE & around town



Laduree Macarons (I've now been to both the Paris store and the store in NY - life is good!)

Fishs Eddy

Olde Good Things (absolutely loved this store and had been on my list forever but I didn't even think to look up their address when I was planning my trip...if I win the lottery this is one of the places I'd other words that's the only way I'd be able to afford the goods here ;) )

M&J Trimmings

All in all a really fun trip - I got to go to a bunch of places I'd been wanting to see forever - a few that I happened to find just by chance on my way to other places I had mapped out. 

I didn't bring home much but I had a really great time window shopping too.  Here's what I brought back with me (I think the lightest trip ever!...but I made up for it trust me - that Anthro cardigan was not cheap)

Since I'm stuck inside I also did some online shopping today (I realize I need a 12-step program...hopefully you're not reading this blog for ways to budget your money more effectively!)

When I stopped in Fishs Eddy in NY I saw these great egg crates (Anthro sells them too) - but they only had light blue and cream and they only held 9 eggs unless you bought the giant one.  I found this seller on Etsy and she was kind enough to glaze one for me (that holds a dozen!) in cobalt blue...woooo hoo. 

I also purchased these beautiful vintage blue dessert glasses from a great seller on Etsy - I can't wait to use them for Christmas eve dinner!

I also wanted to show my finished box from a few posts ago - I darkened the stain, painted the inside with Paris Gray chalk paint and my father helped me add my antique house numbers I bought at Lucketts Holiday Design House / Fair.  (He's much better at measuring and lining things up)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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