Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday House Tour 2013

So, it's been snowing here for most of the day - I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time *stuck* in the house than photographing all of my holiday decorations this year. 

My Instagram shots from today:


I've always been a huge fan of this time of year - I love the lights, the sparkle...the shopping :)  People just seem to be in a better mood too. 

A few years back I skipped decorating because I lost my best friend a few months before Christmas.  Things just didn't seem the same without Lucy.  I still miss her every day and I cried putting her little ornaments with her photo on my tree this year. 

This year I vowed to really make an effort with decorating for the holidays and enjoying the things that matter most to me.  My tree may look a little crazy with the amount of ornaments I packed in - but I couldn't imagine not putting some of these on my tree.  I think this will be the last year for my bargain clearance Target tree though - poor thing has been pretty cheesey from the beginning...but I'm so emotionally attached!

Enough rambling...on to the photos!


I've been wanting a GlassyBaby for a while but they are quite pricey - I finally ordered one - the color is absolutely beautiful - the photo above is what it looks like lit and then below is without a candle.  This is the 'Forever' color.  They have a bajillion different colors - definitely check them out - a portion of their proceeds always go to charity. 

I added some silver floral sprigs from Hobby Lobby to my hydrangea arrangement - love love LOVE it...


New addition this year:  The chalk art from Lily and Val - they have an Etsy shop and their own website - super cute stuff.
Outdoor shots:
Have you ever seen a more beautiful wreath?  I searched everywhere to find a great wreath with blue and silver.  My mom and I found this one on Amazon and she gave to it to me as an early Christmas gift. I love everything about it!
Happy Holidays!!

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