Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2014: Looking Ahead

Merry Christmas Eve!

I'm definitely getting in the holiday spirit around here.  I have a few more decorations I ordered last week that (*hopefully*) will show up in time for the big Christmas Eve dinner tonight. 

Here's the menu:

2013 Christmas Eve Dinner
Sparkling Cider
Cheesey Corn, Spinach & Onion Biscuit Cups
French Dip Roast Beef
Smashed Potatoes w/ green onion
Roasted Asparagus 
Red Velvet Bundt Cake with Icing Glaze
Now, I just have to get busy cooking!  I'll definitely try to snap some shots and post some on Instagram too of the decorations and food. But this blog is going to be photo-light (actually non-existent) and word heavy...I'm in a reflective kind of mood...

When I was thinking back this morning on all of the projects I worked on and blogged about, I felt really accomplished.  This house is so much more than a house for me.  It's not just shelter and where I keep all my stuff. 

It's an extension of me.  It's where I feel safe, happy, and the most like myself.  I really hope this holiday season finds you in a similar situation.  Where you feel proud of your space.  You look forward to going home.  You get excited about the little details.

Don't get me wrong...my house is nowhere near perfect and I'm going to share with you my *lists* for 2014...and they're not short!

Every year I make a bucket list - goals of things I want to do, places I want to go, here's the 2014's list:

2014 Bucket / Goal List:

- Hawaii Trip
- Travel to one of the Country Living fairs
- NC / SC road trip
- NYC trip
- Waterfalls
- Visit Black Dog Salvage, Terrain Shop, Old Goode Stuff
- Create budget and stick to it
- Follow 30 day wish list policy / SmartyPig
- Build up savings accounts
- Be more patient and take time with my projects
- Drink more water
- Make more pizza from scratch
- Make more recipes from my cookbooks

This year I definitely want to work on budgeting more. I've used SmartyPig in the past (it's a goal-based savings account you manage online) and I also want to start a revolving 30-day wish list. If there's something I want to buy that's not necessary I'm going to put it on a list and date it and wait 30 days. If I still want it after 30 days then ok. My problem is patience...

Here's my DIY project list for 2014  (I'm SURE I'll add to it, things move quick around here!):

DIY Project List:

- Kitchen ceiling tiles
- Kitchen shelves
- Chalkboard kitchen door?
- Cookbook project
- Couch shelf
- Instagram collage
- Hallway return screen
- Bedroom crown molding
- Upstairs bathroom reno
- Basement bathroom redecorate
- Clean / Utilize basement storage room
- Mosaic table
- Bedroom dresser revamp

Have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas! You have quite the list, I need to discipline myself and create one too! Have a great rest of 2013 and an amazing 2014, can't wait to see what you accomplish!

    1. Thanks so much, same to you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!