Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday - did you see those fools in Philly with the stun gun?  Outtttta control people...

I was SURE I wasn't going to venture out on Black Friday but I woke up at 4 AM and couldn't get back to sleep no matter what I tried...I also had to take my car to the shop because the windows had gone crazy...the car was even smart enough to lock me out...I'm not a fan...I went a little (ok a lot) crazy yesterday - mainly buying stuff for myself (most of my Christmas shopping for family is already done)

Especially at Anthropologie...20% off the entire store...*sigh*

Here are a few photos of what I bought:

I bought the german glass letters and paris ornament at Pottery Barn - they're still on sale (I think through tomorrow maybe).

The mercury glass 'A' and blue latte bowls are also from Anthro as is the mug (which I saw and loved last week while I was out shopping).

The sequined / velvet purple-y shirt and bedazzled lace crop cardigan were quite the splurge.  I also picked up this lovely apron that matches my oven mitt I bought in Toronto. 

It was hard to convey the clothes well just hanging on the chair so here's Anthro's photos from the site with the links if you're interested:

Velvet Henley
The mirrored geometric box I found on an end cap in Target - they had other designs and sizes too - so crazy about this box.  Right now I have it on a stack of books in my bedroom but I like the idea of putting jewelry in it too and using it for storage - I'm sure it will move around.

I moved a few things around on my bookshelves  (one of my favorite activities), here's the before and after.  You can see I down-sized my trophy collection somewhat - a few are for sale in the Etsy shop right now and getting a lot of views! 

As you can see (if you're crazy like me) - I have already swapped two of the seascape paintings on my gallery wall...told you it wouldn't stay that way long ;) I don't have my projects done yet this week - but hopefully I'll get them done this weekend and share them on the blog Sunday night

By the way - if you haven't heard - today is Small Business Saturday.  Get out there and support your local small businesses! 

I'm offering 10% off of any purchases over $50 in the Etsy shop -> FiveElevenDecor

If there's anything you've had your eye on - now is the time to get it - in most cases everything in the shop is one of a kind or vintage and hard to find so once it's gone it's gone ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!
PS - This is not a sponsored post in anyway - I'm just a shopaholic and thought I'd share my finds ;)


  1. I need you to come down and style my built in bookshelf!! I heart your shelves.

    1. I'd love to!! I wish my occupation could be a professional bookcase-styler I <3 it :)