Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ladies who Love Lucketts

How's that for a title??  Betcha can't say it five times fast...

In random news we had our first snow here in Maryland today...in true MD fashion there was lots of hype and little action...on to the next!

So, last Friday was the opening day for Lucketts' Holiday Design House and this year they also had a bunch of outdoor vendors.  I took off work and dragged my lovely Mother with me to check it out.  Well, we got a late start and by late I mean we got there at 10:30 (30 minutes after they opened) and it was packed!  Nevermind that I had to get up at 6 AM on my day off to make it there by 10:30...sheeeeeeesh. 

Insanity people...I'm talking lines to get into the design house...and it was cold...and I was trying to be cute wearing a light jacket...

I brought my wide angle lens with me which I have grown to LOVE even though it does have it's challenges...I'm still getting used to the new macro lens and we're just on LIKE status right now...but enough rambling...

Here are some shots from Lucketts (the few that I could get without getting angry stares from people...you know wanting to buy junk...I don't know HOW many times I muttered WHY aren't y'all at work??)

Standing in line...we could finally see the front door!





My Instagram shots from Lucketts:



Here's what I brought home with me (not pictured here - my Mom bought an awesome antique tin ceiling tile with all kinds of chippy paint for her porch - I'll post a photo once the room is done)

You knew I couldn't pass up old tarnished silver for a buck a piece!

Or old keys...more than a $1 but I still really like them :/

Or these fantastic European-inspired house numbers (my favorite number of course) - I'm not 100% sure if they're authentic but I love them.  I'm going to do a DIY plaque sort of thing for them...stay tuned

Random sidenote - how beautiful has the sunset been lately?  I've been instagramming up a storm lately:

I've still been working on my art room (closet) - but I did get to use it over the weekend to start working on a few new necklaces for the shop...coming soon :)

How cute is that lamp?  I found it at Target (you know when you go in for conditioner and come out with all kinds of crap you didn't know you needed?) It's supposed to be a sconce you hang on the wall but it's perfect for my little crafting table. 

I'll leave you with my goofy self portrait in the middle of the parking field at Lucketts...wide angle lenses are great for self-portraits ;)

*Happy Treasure Hunting*


  1. I love those skeleton keys! They have a lovely unique design. I am excited to see what you come up with for those house numbers. I love the color of them.

    1. Thanks so much :) My key collection is getting out of hand! I bought some supplies for the numbers hopefully I can get to it this weekend, I love the color too :)