Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eleven Things Volume 16

It's been way too long since the last Eleven Things post (August to be exact)...and I'm feeling random so here goes...

1.  I have owned Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 for exactly one year now and have yet to master it.  I even bought a book for dummies (I'm sure)...that's going to be a goal for me in 2014... 

2.  I decided to go on a road trip to PA yesterday - around the West Chester area.  I was hunting down two particular items - a wooden box/crate and an aqua ball know how the saying goes you never find it when you're looking for it...well I definitely struck out at the first two places...I was none too pleased that I'd drive alllllll over the place and hadn't found anything...but the last place I found what I was looking for and a little extra, how could I pass up blue depression first collection ever :)  (actually I did try to talk myself out of it but it was a short conversation):

Here they are in their new homes:


The wooden box is a project so I'll show you that transformation hopefully next weekend (it was way too cold and windy outside today or I would have definitely had it completed).

3.  Here are a few shots from my adventure yesterday (mainly from Anthropologie):

How cute is this mug?

Finally found what I was looking for!  In a converted barn no less..

Really cute store called Charming Charlie - I had never been and I was walking in circles like I did my first time in HobbyLobby...

I'm obsessed with Talenti gelato - I'm on a mission to find their new holiday flavors next...

4.  Here's what I bought from Charming Charlie...a woman actually followed me through the store trying to get that leopard print scarf from me...#notkidding

5.  Have you heard of Snapstagram?  I'm obsessed.  As you know I'm obsessed with Instagram and Snasptagram is an easy way to get prints from the photos that you've Instagrammed.  I's pretty awesome.  No idea what I'm going to do with all my prints but I <3 can even get a little flip book you can see I went a little overboard...

6.  I decided against painting my antique wooden pediment I bought at the Chartreuse barn sales a few weeks back.  It cleaned up pretty well and I reserve the right to change my mind ;)  I also decided it looked better over my shoe closet...

Here are a few more shots of my closet room just for it in here :)

7.  I did paint the frame I found out shopping last weekend (Shop Hop Treasure Hunting)  I think it looks great with my new vintage ocean painting.  I had to re-work my whole gallery wall to fit it in...I really should have gone with shelves so I wouldn't destroy the wall...oops

The newest addition is on the far right on the bottom.  I'm sure I'll move things around again (and maybe install shelves at some point)...but for now I like it.

8.  I'm in the middle of posting a bunch of silver stuff for sale in the Etsy shop - along with a couple new handmade necklaces - follow the links on the right sidebar and check them out if you have a minute.  (silver will most likely be posted by tomorrow evening)

9.  I really really really want to go to Hawaii.  Have for a long time.  Guess that will be the next trip once I can save up some $$$. 

10.  I can't believe the weekend is almost over.  Yes, I say that every Sunday evening.

11.  I've started decorating for the holidays...just small doses so far - I'll get the tree out and everything next weekend, here are a few shots from around the house:

Yes, I know this makes it difficult to sit on this chair, it's so cute though :)
I'm hoping to get a few projects checked off this week so I might have a post or two up in the near future...if not - I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving holiday!!


  1. The ball jars are the perfect color next to your big cliff/beach photo! Also, I love Charming Charlie! Such a fun store. I heart your closet. Great job painting the frame for the ocean painting. That boxwood wreath looks perfect against the yardstick display. Please excuse this random post that has no flow : )

    1. It was a random post so random comments totally fit! Thank you so much! I had two of the ball jars already but three definitely looks better, I love the color too :)
      I think the frame turned out better than I thought it would - looks much better with the painting in it versus that floral situation :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before then :)

    2. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!