Sunday, November 3, 2013

Desk Drama, Holiday Barn Sales & New Crafting Room

Desk Drama

It's been too long folks...I really need to keep up!  I have a lot to share tonight - but first - I'm exhausted.  Isn't daylight savings in the Fall supposed to make you well-rested?? 

So...let's start with the too-small desk that I'm blogging from ;)

I've been wanting to replace my drafting table that I've had since before college (which is a million years ago if you were wondering...) on a whim I decided to check out a few notes on Craigslist...

First of all you normally have to search and search and search before you find anything halfway decent - not so this time - my desk was the second listing which I think is fate...or luck or she is in all her original glory...

Second don't go alone people!  I'm wayyyyy too paranoid to go pick up junk on my own - I dragged my good friend, Adena with me.  She was thrilled!  We made a day of it and she protected me from crazy-pants that we picked it up from. 

Third expect to find random stuff wrong with the furniture (that wasn't mentioned) or stuff inside that they forgot - I got both this time around...the 'items' left in the desk aren't appropriate to mention here but ewww...

So, anyway enough rambling - the desk was in bad shape - half of one drawer is missing...and still is...the finish was awful, the drawers need stops and I wasn't feeling the rung on the bottom.

If you follow me on instagram you already saw some of these photos:

Here she is now...after stripping and sanding (and sanding some more)- I restained the desk in dark walnut (Minwax).  I was going to poly over it to give it a really protective finish but for now I'm just going with a coat of wax (I used Annie Sloan).

Man, I didn't realize how much I needed to iron my drapes until now and what the heck is on my computer monitor...oops..

I've also already ordered a new slim keyboard to help with the space issue.  Eventually, I want to switch to a laptop but this will work for now.

This would have been a much cooler shot if I had a cup full of all the same pens...but does anyone really live like that??

I painted the bottom of the desk first in Paris Gray chalk paint (Annie Sloan) then in Valspar Blindfold in satin. I added crystal knobs from HobbyLobby.

I really like how the desk turned out but (even though I measured I swear) she's a little small for what I was looking for...especially since my desk chair doesn't fit...sheesh.  I tried a new metal stool I bought from Restoration Hardware (the outlet...on sale...and still way too much $$)

So, now I'm not sure what my next steps will be with the desk....going to live with it for a little while and see how I feel ;)

Barn Sales

A wonderful friend (and fellow blogger Strawberry Jam House) Tara suggested we check out the holiday open houses at two local barns - Sweet Clover and Chartreuse & Co.  We had so much fun going from barn to barn and catching up - I can't wait to go treasure hunting again!

Here are a few shots from inside the barns - some are a bit blurry - they were taken with my cell phone while on the move:




We ran into a few old friends at Sweet Clover (you may remember I've stalked these horses in the past) - I'm only showing eight photos me we each took about a hundred or so :)
This was also an excellent opportunity to try out my new lens - I bought a Canon EOS 60mm macro - it's throwing me off my game a little because I'm so used to zoom lenses but I think it's good to push yourself. 

 Landscape shots:

 My finds:

An old cast iron baking pan - I'm using it to sort my gemstone beads 

A vintage-inspired metal basket - right now it's holding some new tissue paper and glittery-chevron ribbon I found at HL

I also found these adorable glitter gift tags - yes I'm already thinking about the holidays - I was having a bad day and they cheered me up #notsorry ;) I'm thinking of using them for my Etsy shop orders too!

Tara and I each bought one of these old wood and metal drawers - I'm using it on top of my drafting table in my new craft / shipping 'room' more on that in a few...

So, I found these on Etsy from a seller in Germany - but I hadn't showed them yet so I figured I'd throw them in the mix

As you can see the lighting was kind of crazy today so hopefully you can still make out all the great details - this is an old wooden pediment - I plan to paint it and hang it over the master bedroom door...LOVE

I love the detail on the antique silver tray and spreaders - I think I have enough for probably 20 place settings now :)

Shipping / Craft / Gift Wrapping Room:

I decided to move my drafting table into my office closet and make a room I could use for crafting, wrapping gifts, shipping Etsy get the idea.  Well, I didn't take into account the disaster that would come from taking everything out that I was storing in the closet...holy panic attack

So - here are a few shots - but just know it's a work in progress - I've got to figure out lighting...seating (may have to swap the stool out depending on what I figure out with the desk)...and the leaning tower of craft supplies that is my life...

 Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Are you obsessed with macarons too, or is it just me??



  1. I so enjoyed seeing everything that you are doing. Love all your photo's that you took this weekend with Tara. Have fun with the closet.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sweet Clover! We look forward to seeing you again in 2014!

    1. Thanks Sarah, looking forward to treasure hunting @ Sweet Clover in 2014 :)