Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hagerstown Antiquing Trip

Man, I'm not ready for winter...the change in weather is giving me bad headaches...I'd rather just stay in bed all week!

Anyway, enough complaining.  As I mentioned in the Toronto post I didn't really find any great treasures on my vacation - or at least treasures that I could afford.  So, I decided to head to Hagerstown on my last day off.

It was pouring out the entire day but I had so much fun - people were so friendly and helpful and the antique stores I went to were packed with good stuff.

I visited Beaver Creek Antique Market and Antique Crossroads - they're actually almost next-door neighbors!

Here are my finds:

You see that trophy?? Amazing right? This is the treasure that I almost flew over to because I thought someone might snatch it from me (even though there were a grand total of 5 customers in the store at the time). I love that it's a horse trophy and the year is the same year my house was built...not to mention that it's pretty large and a fraction of the cost of tiny trophies I found on my trip to Toronto. 
The cute little silver butter dish was also a great find and 75% off - I couldn't resist.  I'm using it to hold some of my make-up on my vanity table. 

The photos don't do this amazing jewelry justice.  The opal-y mother of pearl-ish bangle is such a cool find - and only $5!  I love the brooch - definitely one of the stars of my collection.  I just had to have that sapphire rhinestone bracelet along with the purple aurora bracelet.  Love!

Don't worry - I'm not showing you the same photos of my dining room table re-do - these are new, I promise!  I loved the fresh hydrangea arrangement so much I recreated it with faux hydrangeas from HobbyLobby.  I love how it turned out - you need quite a few to make the arrangement look full and real - but I can keep this year round until my hydrangeas are blooming again. 

I decided to put some of my antique silverware (spreaders mainly - I just love them) out on display on my kitchen counter in one of my mini-silver trophies.  So cute, right?

Yes...that's all that's on my chalkboard shopping list...booze...don't judge ;)

PS - I re-shot some of my Etsy one-of-a-kind genuine gemstone necklaces and I think they look amazing (in my humble opinion) - check them out - Etsy shop link on the right sidebar :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Toronto Recap 2013

I'm back!  Well...I've been back for a few weeks but I am just getting around to blogging about my trip ;) wasn't as fabulous as I thought.  Toronto apparently is not my place.  I still tried to make the most of it though and focused on having the best time possible.

Warning...if you don't like looking at other people's travel photos...this post probably isn't for you...

Skyscraper architecture

Distillery, St Lawrence Market, Chinatown

I don't have too many photos from the Distillery - most of the shops don't allow photos - grrrr



Church architecture & stained glass


Well hello there :)

Allan Gardens

Niagara Falls
I last visited the falls when I was 17 - I just love it there.  If you've read the blog for a while you know I absolutely love all waterfalls.



CN Tower


This is when you realize you are [for sure] afraid of heights...

Casa Loma



Random Shots


Treasure Hunting still with me??  Here are my finds/purchases from my trip.  I found the adorable little sauce bowls in Chinatown, I think they'll be great for jewelry.  I bought a lot of cute little accessories at Indigo - a bookstore chain in Canada.  They ship to the US (I found out when I got home - after I loaded up and had to strategically pack :/) 

The majority of the clothes I bought were from Anthropologie...which is just silly because I have a store about 10 minutes from my house and could have saved all the taxes - but hey shopping is my therapy :)

The mitt is also from Anthropologie and the antique tea strainer I found on Etsy while in Canada so I think it still counts ;)
I was looking forward to watching my favorite designers on TV while in Canada (since we get all of the shows months and months later in the US)...well my hotel didn't have HGTV Canada...what the... so I did the next best thing and loaded up on design mags :)  Have you heard Domino is coming back quarterly??
I also found some amazing beads while in Canada...paid a ridiculous amount of money for these so I'll have to make some really spectacular necklaces. 

Stay tuned this week...when I got back in the states I spent a day out in Hagerstown antiquing and found some great treasures...I'm talking I dashed for one item like someone was going to fight me for it (just try!)
Also - if you follow me on Instagram (@alisa_miller511) - you may have seen a sneak peek of a new project I'm working on - a desk for my office!  It's in the ugly stage right now where I hate it and think the project is the biggest waste of time and money...looking forward to turning the corner ;)
Have a great week!