Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holiday Wish list 2013

Do you create wishlists?  I have an on-going list on my phone in an attempt to keep from shopping ;)

In case you weren't aware Christmas is only 88 days away...crazy I know.

It looks like it's going to start storming outside so I decided to stay in and create a holiday wish list.  Now before you think I've lost my mind...these are just ideas for myself mainly.  I'm not asking anyone to get me a Dyson...or a new mattress for that matter...but I really could use one!


Giftcards can be found at each of the retailers (,,,,

Earrings and all three bracelets are from (I'm putting the generic link because their stuff sells out fast so these might not be there forever :) )  Watch is from  Blue shoes are by Schutz and can be found on  Silver shoes are by Vera Wang - I think they're sold out now so they're just for inspiration.  Silver sequined cardigan is by Boden (you can find similiar styles at  Blue cardigan is by

All handbags are by Coach (or Coach Factory) or I'm sort of a Coach fanatic...sorry there isn't much variety here :)

Air cleaner is by Germguardian (exciting I know!)  you can find a similar model on  Crown molding and ceiling tiles can be found on  Canon EOS 60mm macro lens can be found at many retailers including  Le Creuset cake plate is also from or I'm sure you could find it on  The Kitchenaid glass bowl and scraper and Dyson vacuum were all found on (what can I say they really do have almost everything!)

Happy Shopping!

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